Joe Biden Dark Winter

Inaugural 2021, with Freak Flags a Flying, Fake Unity, and a Whole Lotta Lying!

Partisan hacks previously had declared President Donald J. Trump’s Inaugural address as dark, dangerous, and dystopian. Today the world witnessed “the 46th” literally declare “We will need all our strength to persevere through this dark winter.”

There he was standing on the inaugural platform at the US State Capitol in the most bizarre frame one might imagine. Looking through the lens the world saw a cold, severe, hyper rigid, militarized, sanitized, aggressive, robotic, and most significantly -stale act. Is this America or have we been transported to some alternate universe? 

How can one truly describe this picture if not seen by one’s very eyes? The backdrop was reminiscent of a Banana Republic dictator being sworn in among a few chosen state-controlled, socially distant cheerleaders and only planted flags waving to replace a non-existent adoring public. The faces behind him, at least those who could remain awake, were a blur of gray -stiff postures and eyes filled with trepidation. It felt like a cross between a funeral and a dentist appointment to get a root canal! The special ladies of the day slaughtered the variations of the colors blue and purple, clashing all the way. Smatterings of the National Guard were placed in front to fill out the bitterly stark composition.

Appreciate it if you will, we “deplorable’s” have been lectured on how President Trump did not strike the right moral tone, display respect and dignity for the office of the presidency. Yet smack dab center in the frame of this kabuki on display was “46th’s” son Hunter. A man who has a Pornhub page is on video using illicit drugs and having sex with questionably aged females and has been identified as a possible criminal and compromised actor with a foreign government in a Senate Investigation Report. Honor and decency and tone-Right …

But the retelling of the scene is not complete without the moment Effie, aka Lady Gaga emerged in a bleeding red, tent sprawling, skirt, and a life-size golden Mockingjay ornament across her chest with hair twisted in ribbons like a scene from “The Hunger Games” to sing the National Anthem. In this contrived movie, people are little planted flags across the spanning of the Mall to the Washington Monument and there was not one sycophant who took a knee for social justice as banners waved. But Jennifer Lopez made certain to interject Spanish dialogue during her performance- so there is that. “Soylent Green is not people – Flags are people!”

The main attraction of this masquerade of course was “46th” himself as he shuffled and pitched forward to deliver his sermon on the mount of calumniation. The Right Wire Report will spare you from the mind-numbing visual spectacle and simply insert the transcript, here. You are welcome.

One thing became apparent, Obama’s speechwriters are back home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But we need to cut them some slack as it is hard to create soaring out of the mouth that is dependent on a teleprompter and praying for a break-even count of mispronounced words – punching up emphasis, not in his wheelhouse. So what was the hook in the ” 46th’s” Inaugural Address? Come on man you know! Unity.

Oh sure, sure there was his scathing labeling of white supremacy rising as he pointed to the recent riot on the US Capitol and threading that event to this statement: “Our history has been a constant struggle between the American ideal that we are all created equal and the harsh, ugly reality that racism, nativism, fear, and demonization have long torn us apart.”

And the standard lines about better angels were woven into a direct attack on the very people he then tried to assure he would serve, even if they did not cast a vote for him. He layered on bromides and lectured about hate and division as if he and his team were somehow not tainted by such behaviors- oh but Grandpa was here to chastise, reform the troublemakers, and force reconciliation. Puke!

As he has always been known to do -he wandered here and there through the speech, awkwardly tried and failed to play the average Joe, and at times was hopelessly pedantic. But his everlasting mark on this inaugural address is his most enduring character trait -Lying!  Oh yes, “The 46th” has a distinguished history of not telling the truth. So we expected no less on this auspicious occasion.

“Recent weeks and months have taught us a painful lesson.

There is truth and there are lies. Lies told for power and for profit.

And each of us has a duty and responsibility, as citizens, as Americans, and especially as leaders – leaders who have pledged to honor our Constitution and protect our nation – to defend the truth and to defeat the lies.”

Does “46” have any credibility whatsoever when addressing the issue of truth with the American people?

  • This man launched his 2020 Campaign by informing voters it was Trump’s calling neo-Nazi’s in Charlottesville “very fine people” that motivated him to seek the office. He repeated this vile and disgusting lie, creating racial division and animus, repeatedly over the campaign.
  • This man’s campaign released an Ad claiming Trump had called the virus a hoax resulting in the Washington Post giving that claim 4 Pinocchio’s. Yet this claim was constant even through the DNC convention speakers.
  • This man compared Trump and Republican senators Hawley and Cruz to Nazi propagandist Goebbels. This is not true.
  • This man told voters not one single person lost their insurance from Obamacare. This was a bald-faced lie.
  • This man claimed he never opposed Trump’s China virus travel ban. This was a bald-faced lie.
  • This man repeated the unsubstantiated claim that Trump had disrespected our fallen heroes while in France even after 29 people, including Bolton, went on the record to say that it did not happen.
  • This man denied that his administration built the ” cages” and also separated families illegally obtained at the border.
  • This man repeatedly claimed he had been arrested with Nelson Mandela, this was a lie.
  • For a more extensive review of his lying history read here, here, and here.

No, “46th” has no moral high ground to call anyone out for lying. He and all leftists subscribe to the old Bolsheviks line -masses are lied to by the ruling elite because they know better than the masses and the ends justify the means. This is utter contempt and disdain for the average citizen on display, not an olive branch or attempts to unify.

Progressive Marxism is a form of religious dogma whose zealots are as fanatical as other extremist religions. There is no moral code other than don’t get caught or exposed. Ethics are situational and always up for interpretation. For “The 46th” and all liberals, truth is subjective, and merely whatever you need it to be to obtain power and advance the agenda. “46th” lied to the world in his Inaugural Address in effect saying, “You are too stupid to know what is good for you. I know what is good for you. I will say anything I need to say to convince you my way is the right way.” Honesty is a progressive’s kryptonite and tyranny and deceit are the only paths for advancing their goals.

Like the zombie campaign waged from his basement and his rare sightings that were accompanied with chalk circles and a few dozen followers – “46th” is a Potemkin village in modern-day America.

Symbolism over substance is back. Beware the dark winter is truly upon all of us now.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Bekah Lyons

"The simple step of a courageous individual is to not take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world." Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

I was born and raised in the enigma known as "The Big Easy." There, rooted along the banks of the great Mississippi River between the creeping bayou and Lake Pontchartrain, I was conscripted on all things pertaining to human nature.  I am the quintessential southern woman, that is to say, I defy most could never accurately define what that label truly represents.  Brined below sea level where one respects; the haunts lingering about, the force of storm surge, the ethos of Mardi Gras, and the sanctity of generational family-I know what it is to belong to an organically diverse culture.

Early on in life, my career path serpentined and led to brief stints of living varied experiences as I indulged my passions for painting, musical theater, and the culinary arts. My young experiences evolved my purpose and honed my intuitive skills and I became a Medical Professional specializing in mental health with a focus on child/adolescent needs. After living decades in NOLA, and after hurricane  Katrina unearthed the realities of modern-day inner cities, I made the pivotal decision to relocate to where my family and I spent our summers in a quest to find security and civility in my life.

High up on one of the "grandfather mountains" I now perch in a Smoky mountain community in East Tennessee. Although, I would not trade my formative years in Louisiana, unfortunately,  that era of  America  is  no longer obtainable in the times we live - changing course was the best decision "Evah!"

I am a warrior  for freedom and truth , steeped in my ancestral history ,I am constantly reminded that stillness and introspection expands the mind and heart to possess a more nuanced understanding of all things in our internal and external world. We are all destined to bash ourselves against the rotted cultural rocks of humanity's unraveling until we recognize that a shared moral tone is essential for a free society. A healthy culture is one comprised of many unique people who offer shading and depth to the experience of living, yet all choose to accept basic truths that bind us all together-a societal moral tone. Intolerance  , censorship, intersectionality, cancel culture, apathy ,and ignorance will only groom oppression and tyranny.  Critical thought, differentiation, and dissent is your individual right granted not by government -and must always be protected, championed, and defended.

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  1. Great job! I enjoy the content but these op-eds really could use some formal editing to tidy things up. This will make your writing more impactful and understandable.

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