Deprogramme Cult Leftists

CNN airs guide to Deprogramme Cult Leftist Supporters

The great political divide in America has never been wider in recent times. There are calls to “deprogram” those with extreme radical ideas. CNN has hosted a former Moonie-turned-professional deprogrammer who suggested the whole nation had been “negatively influenced” and needed help. 

Cult expert Steven Hassan was on a recent program brought on CNN to advise on how to deprogram members of what he described in his 2019 book recently as political cults. Perhaps to boost his deprogramming business. However, he suggested the entire country needed his services.

As Camerota bemoaned how long Hassan’s one-on-one deprogramming approach would take to brainwash (or re-brainwash) millions of Americans, the cult counselor acknowledged “we’re going to need a top-down approach,” even suggesting he be invited to testify in front of Congress. “The bottom line is all of America needs deprogramming because we’ve all been negatively influenced,” Hassan proclaimed. See his discussion below.

CNN is far from being alone in suggesting voters need deprogramming. Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson appeared on MSNBC earlier this month with New York Times writer Nikole Hannah-Jones to lament that there are “millions of Americans, … who somehow need to be reprogrammed … as if they are members of a cult.” 

The Right Wire Report cannot help but remember the last time we recognized cult-like behavior on parade for an American politician:

Perhaps Ms. Camerota could gain better insight into how a person is conditioned into cult-like thinking by observing the media cult of Obama:

The professional deprogrammer advised his CNN host that to encourage cultists to start thinking for themselves, “the most powerful technique is asking a respectful, thoughtful question and being quiet and really waiting a long time for an answer.” Hassan had six major points:

  • Always act with respect, kindness, and warmth.
  • Avoid conflict or harshness.
  • Keep the dialogue open and civil.
  • Be collaborative rather than competitive.
  • Don’t get angry.
  • Don’t “tell” them. Help them make their own discoveries.

The Right Wire Report would agree with this. Just imagine if it were in reverse. Leftists have done the exact opposite of what Hassan has suggested. Democrats and their more radical cultish Leftists members have spent months, if not years leading up to the 2020 presidential election treating rational conservatives with disdain, anger, and de-humanizing language. This coupled with violence throughout the nation last summer in 2020, with the horrific Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots.

Unfortunately, some of these Leftists have made it into power and continue their cultish behavior in the run-up to the 2021 presidential inauguration. See below a recent comment made by Scott Adams of this behavior.

So to our Democratic Leftist cult folks – with all kindness and respect – we implore to you:

  • It is ok to demand election integrity – it is the basis of any democracy.
  • It is ok to have differences of political opinion and encourage free-speech to express it without censorship.
  • It is ok to engage in civil discussions without attacking your political opponent with nefarious activities.
  • It is ok to demand and follow constitutional remedies to seek redress.
  • It is ok not to generalize the actions of a few bad actors over an entire voting block.
  • It is ok to rationally not make equivocations of two protests/riots being the same – one being massively violent, the other not.
  • It is ok not to take news reports at face value and seek to discover the truth with rational facts and analysis.

Now take a deep breath. Breath in and … now breathe out. Try to smile. Do not hit someone over the head with a bike lock. Do not throw rocks or any other objects at the police. Do not set fires. Do not yell and scream. Be civil. Begin to take back your life and focus on reality with rationality. It will all be ok. Great, you are slowly being deprogrammed. You are well on your way to a better place.

We give a high-five to CNN for advising on how to help those still in the Democrat radical Leftist cult.

For the astute rational conservative – you may see something in this article that may seem odd – we understand. Most Leftists won’t catch it because they rarely read past the headlines. We had to start somewhere with their deprogramming – using imagery that looks familiar to them … 😉

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

Concerned citizen.


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  1. For the last two decades many have referenced 1984 and cult -like fears to describe many aspects of ever changing cultural and political life in America. It was a clarion call of sorts to try to get citizens awake as we barreled towards a slippery slope. It has been jaw dropping how rapidly all our fears have stepped into the light for all to see and reckon with , I feel still -I am in denial of the massive over reach against our very liberties we have just witnessed in the last 10 days alone! Fear is a palpable motivator yet I am still up at night ruminating about how many are still asleep at the switch. This is not a drill people …it is happening. We must use every lawful means to jolt the nappers to alertness and gather an effective defense to the rapidly descending totalitarian world we now find ourselves living. This article was a stimulant pill hopefully.

  2. I don’t see leftists in my hood driving around with 10′ Biden flags on their trucks or 10″ F*** Your Feelings flags..or have Stars and Bars covering up an American flag. They do not all wear blue hats and shout three-syllable phrases. Am I missing something?

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