You Might Want To Consider Homeschooling Now More Than Ever

Lockdowns, masks, forced virtual learning, extracurricular activities, and sports canceled; it is no surprise there has been a rise in homeschooling. Homeschooling has been a controversial issue for decades worldwide; however, after watching leftist politicians bring hot political topics such as social justice curriculum into the classroom, many parents have begun considering taking their kids out of government-run schools due to indoctrination.

In 2018, instead of being taught by their teachers, students were instructed to walk out of class on National School Walk Out Day. One Ohio student was even suspended for refusing to follow the MOB that walked out of the school. Ideologues often intervene at this level by writing the scripts for teachers to advocate for far-left policies such as LGBT and anti-Semitic fabrication in their lessons. In the winter of 2020, things went from bad to worse when the school system could not handle the coronavirus pandemic.

In government-run schools, parents and teachers are losing control over the classroom curriculum due to indoctrination. Indoctrination happens in many ways, but its main instrument is the school system. Indoctrination involves pushing a particular narrative in the absence of any critical thinking or presentation of the other viewpoints. Parents watched as schools across the nation participated in the demonstration to “protest Congress” during the National School Walkout, a nationally held protest as part of the 2018 US demonstrations against gun violence.

Today parents are becoming more concerned about what their children are being exposed to in their daily assignments when schools across the country went to virtual learning during the coronavirus pandemic. Parents are concerned about the extreme left policies of coercive thought reform, otherwise known as brainwashing of their children. An EdChoice public opinion poll suggests that more than half of parents with school-age kids have a more favorable view of homeschooling after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. See summary poll results from EdChoice:

Question: Are you more or less likely to enroll your son or daughter in a homeschool, neighborhood homeschool co-op, or virtual school once the lockdowns are over?

More Likely: 40.8%
Less Likely: 31.1%

Question: School choice gives parents the right to use the tax dollars designated for their child’s education to send their child to the public or private school which best serves their needs. Generally speaking, would you say you support or oppose the concept of school choice?

Support: 64%

Question: Federal Tax Credit Scholarship (Education Freedom Scholarships)?

Support: 69%

Study after study has confirmed families’ private homeschooling experience allows kids to learn, grow, and mature at their own pace – read these study results. The question remains unanswered of how much government indoctrination will grow? Will masks continue to be mandated in the classroom, for how long, and will coronavirus vaccines be mandated to attend school?  Will parents continue to allow these abuses?

Now maybe the time to consider homeschooling more than ever.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Staucie Lee

Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more, you should never wish to do less. ~ Robert E. Lee


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  1. Great information. I truly hope people will read this information and try to do their best to give their children the best education. The children of today is the future leaders of our communities and country.

  2. If I had a school age child I would definitely homeschool or private school at this juncture. The pandemic served as a wake up call to so many parents who had been coasting along and not paying attention close enough to what their children were being taught. In some cases the COVID home zoom instructions allowed parents a window into some very disturbing trends. “The Teacher” should be a highly valued part of our culture and afforded appropriate compensation and respect. However, the Teachers Unions and radical leftist agenda has created for good teachers a nightmare and for those who come with a cake baked in leftist agenda – fertile ground. I also feel the break down of communities and family dysfunction fueled by bad leftist policies along with the push for illegals to fill out classrooms have created an impossible scenario conducive for learning. Like physicians and a host of other professions, teachers should have to re- license every two years and maintain requirements based on proficiency outcomes. School districts as well . Finally, the single best thing for children in this country would be to remove federal ed, agency and make it local at state.

  3. An interesting and thought provoking article Staucie. There has always been bias in the school curriculum and not always for what it contains but also for what it omits. To promote home schooling may not exempt students from the requirements of the curriculum but will allow parents and caregivers to give it the spin that they feel is more acceptable. In other words we may end up substituting one bias for another.
    Having said that if home schooling is the preferred option parents and caregivers will need to be mindful of the complexities of appropriate pedagogy that they will have to use . In the absence of trained professionals this is no easy task. So proceed by all means but please do so with caution.

  4. Government schools are not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, so therefore they should not exist. Some people feel that if they don’t get sports then they will grow up learning to not work as a team. There are things like that that must be dealt with. Also, girls especially like to have other girls to talk to. If you are going into home schooling, read up on books or subscribe to home school magazines to learn how to deal with these problems. As a person that went to a public school, I felt at the time and still do that half my time was wasted doing classes that would never teach me to be really learned in those subjects.

  5. “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.” – Aristotle.
    I don’t need to remind informed patriots that education is so powerful that it shapes the world now and for generations to come.
    This article is clear and timely with its finger on the pulse of current attitudes regarding school choice and home schooling.
    We cannot compromise on education and the message of this article shows that the RWR is once again swimming upstream taking leadership which will help us regain the national conversation.

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