The One Video Every American Must Watch Now! Truth Matters.

The One Video Every Americans Must Watch Now!

Tucker Carlson shows how the media and the Democrat Impeachment Managers are lying to us , but why?

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Written by Bekah Lyons

"The simple step of a courageous individual is to not take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world." Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

I was born and raised in the enigma known as "The Big Easy." There, rooted along the banks of the great Mississippi River between the creeping bayou and Lake Pontchartrain, I was conscripted on all things pertaining to human nature.  I am the quintessential southern woman, that is to say, I defy most could never accurately define what that label truly represents.  Brined below sea level where one respects; the haunts lingering about, the force of storm surge, the ethos of Mardi Gras, and the sanctity of generational family-I know what it is to belong to an organically diverse culture.

Early on in life, my career path serpentined and led to brief stints of living abroad in Europe as I indulged my passions for painting, musical theater, and the culinary arts. My young experiences evolved my purpose and honed my intuitive skills and I became a Medical Professional specializing in mental health with a focus on child/adolescent needs. After living decades in NOLA, and after hurricane  Katrina unearthed the realities of modern-day inner cities, I made the pivotal decision to relocate to where my family and I spent our summers in a quest to find security and civility in my life.

High up on one of the "grandfather mountains" I now perch in a Smoky mountain community in East Tennessee. Although, I would not trade my formative years in Louisiana, unfortunately,  that era of  America  is  no longer obtainable in the times we live - changing course was the best decision "Evah!"

I am a warrior  for freedom and truth , steeped in my ancestral history ,I am constantly reminded that stillness and introspection expands the mind and heart to possess a more nuanced understanding of all things in our internal and external world. We are all destined to bash ourselves against the rotted cultural rocks of humanity's unraveling until we recognize that a shared moral tone is essential for a free society. A healthy culture is one comprised of many unique people who offer shading and depth to the experience of living, yet all choose to accept basic truths that bind us all together-a societal moral tone. Intolerance  , censorship, intersectionality, cancel culture, apathy ,and ignorance will only groom oppression and tyranny.  Critical thought, differentiation, and dissent is your individual right granted not by government -and must always be protected, championed, and defended.


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  1. If there is any other example that proves censorship – this is it. YouTube took down the two prior videos. Thanks for the Bitchute feed. The video clearly shows the nonsense of the fake insurrection narrative of the media.

  2. Tucker Carlson makes the erroneous claim in his show that CNN is saying that what happened on Jan 6 was the same as what happened in Rwanda. Clearly that is not the case. What CNN claims is that the culture of “otherizing” others is similar to what has happened in other regimes at different times. Tucker Carlson falls into the trap of lazy (and inaccurate) reporting. It serves only to support a one sided narrative where truth becomes a casualty. Sensationalizing and exaggerating a simple observation into an erroneous comparison is mischievous and should have no place in mainstream media. Fox news may claim that other mainstream news outlets do the same. That may, or may not be true but regardless two wrongs do not make a right and Fox news clearly has lost any claims it may have to being a contributor to purveyors of truth.

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