“Traitor” spray-painted outside of home of Trump’s impeachment attorney, as he says he’s received “nearly 100 death threats”

Lawyer Michael van der Veen, who represented ex-president Donald Trump at the impeachment trial, has said vandals smashed windows in his home and defaced it with graffiti as he faced a torrent of death threats. This is tampering with justice and should be a very serious issue. Where is the media? Who could have done this? A few possibilities:

  1. Antifa members trying to subvert the Impeachment process.
  2. RINO/Lincoln Project operatives using intimidation tactics.
  3. Some may say it is a Smollett type effort to gain sympathy – though improbable.

Whichever it is, we need a full investigation to determine who are the “real” insurrectionist.” I strongly suspect that it is not the Trump supporters who we are being lead to believe.

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