Ted Cruz to Resign Over Cancungate – Power to the People!

The media (DailyMail) ran a headline saying: “Leaked texts contradict Cruz claim to be indulging daughters with trip,” and a byline saying:

To a chat group entitled ‘Lovelies’, Heidi Cruz discussed the family trip to Cancun, saying they were escaping the ‘FREEZING’ weather. There was no mention of their daughters begging for the trip.

This all started a couple of days ago – it must be a slow news day. I get it, while Texas freezes privileged Cruz escapes to the sun in Cancun. These are the typical political hit pieces to generate clickbait – it works. The background as stated:

  • Texts sent by Heidi Cruz were published on Thursday showing her complaining about her ‘FREEZING’ home
  • Ted Cruz’s wife shared the family’s flight details with friends and urged them to join them for the four nights
  • The Texas senator has said his daughters begged him to take them out of the cold on Wednesday
  • His wife’s texts seem to suggest that it was she, rather than the children, determined to escape
  • Ted Cruz has admitted he regrets his decision to fly to Cancun for the $309-a-night break during the storm
  • ‘It was obviously a mistake and in hindsight, I wouldn’t have done it,’ he said, speaking at his home Thursday
  • Cruz landed back in Houston on Thursday night and was given a police escort as he left the airport
  • On Wednesday night, Ted Cruz was pictured at Houston airport with Heidi and their children, 10 and 12
  • Sources initially said it was a pre-planned family vacation he decided to go on, but that is no longer their story
  • Criticism of the trip erupted on Thursday morning: Cruz changed his plans and returned home after 24 hours
  • This week, as many as 4.4 million Texans were without power thanks to a bungled response to a winter storm
  • At least ten people have died trying to stay warm and a state of emergency has been declared

See the offered proof below of these phone texts. From the texts provided, it is a rather dubious claim by this article. But who reads details anyway?

The source? The New York Times first reported the text messages, citing a person in the group and the original sender, who confirmed their authenticity. The New York Times is a credible source? Hardly.

One has to cringe with these types of articles from our media. And this goes on both sides of the political aisle. Trump goes golfing while launching nukes! Obama goes golfing while Travon Martin is killed! OMG … how could anyone vote for that person?

And the story keeps spinning. Now the New York Post is now reporting that Cruz left his poodle in a cold house. How many believe Cruz would leave his dog alone in a cold house and run off to sunny Cancun and let it freeze to death?

Political nonsense …

The feature photo is one of many memes now showing Cruz and Bernie Sanders, in his now-famous mittens, waiting in the airport on their way to Cancun. You can see more memes in the DailyMail article. To generate even more clickbait – I thought I would spin the headline … 😉

Hedi Cruz Texts Part 1

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