The Passing Of A Legacy, Limbaugh’s Dedication To The Youth Through His Books


Rush Limbaugh died Wednesday at 70 years of age. His wife Kathryn announced his passing to his listeners on his Wednesday afternoon show. Rush Limbaugh dominated conservative media for decades.

The Missouri native got his start in small-town radio stations in the 1970s under the name “Bachelor Jeff” Christie. He began using his name on air while hosting in Kansas City in the early 1980s. 

Four years later, he landed a show in national syndication – boosted by the FCC’s 1987 repeal of the Fairness Doctrine that had required stations to provide free airtime to opposing views on controversial issues. 

Limbaugh was a notable figure in conservative media for decades and consistently made headlines with his often controversial takes on current events. He has been a consistent opponent of leftists and their brand of progressivism. We let Rush into our homes and can recall listening to Rush during our commutes. Rush was a true patriot who dedicated his life to educating people on what being a conservatives means. 

As an educator, I admire Limbaugh’s dedication to teachers and children. In 2013, Limbaugh and his wife Kathryn noticed a void in American history in today’s school system. Kathryn recommended Rush write a book that would teach American history in an entertaining way that young readers could genuinely understand and enjoy the story of our county’s founding. Rush wrote a series of children’s books where he was awarded the Children’s Choice, Author of the Year!

Limbaugh understood the need to educate young conservatives to battle the onset of the massive amount of Leftist’s teachings in our schools. In Limbaugh’s books for young readers, the fictional character with a history teacher travels back in time to have adventures with exceptional Americans to teach American history. In a brief book review:

Okay, okay, my name’s really Rusty – but my friends call me Rush. Rush Revere. Because I’ve always been the #1 fan of the coolest colonial dude ever, Paul Revere. Talk about a rock star – this guy wanted to protect young America so badly, he rode through those bumpy, cobblestone-y streets shouting “the British are coming!” On a horse. Top of his lungs. Wind blowing, rain streaming …

Hold on to your pointy triangle hats, because you can – with me, Rush Revere, seemingly ordinary substitute history teacher, as your tour guide across time! “How?” you ask? Well, there’s this portal. And a horse. My talking horse named Liberty. And – well, just trust me, I’ll get us there.

Well, you get the picture. But what if you could get the real picture – by actually going back in time and seeing with your own eyes how our great country came to be? Meeting the people who made it all happen – people like you and me?

Here is an excellent website that guides you through this wonderful work – with many educational aides that you may find useful, especially if you are homeschooling. So saddle up, and let’s ride! Our exceptional nation is waiting to be discovered all over again by exceptional young patriots.

President Trump noted this tremendous man and sad day:

For Limbaugh’s life’s long work, President Trump gave Limbaugh national honors. “He is the greatest fighter and winner you will ever meet,” Trump said at the time, “Rush Limbaugh, thank you for your decades of tireless devotion to our country … in recognition of all you have done for our nation – I am proud to announce tonight that you will be receiving our country’s highest civilian honor: the Presidential Medal of Freedom.” 

Rush will be missed.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Staucie Lee

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