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Biden Talks Democracy But Acts Like a Tinpot 3rd World Dictator

On Friday, President Biden warned that “democratic progress is under assault” in the United States and Europe as he pledged support for the transatlantic alliance and called on countries to work together to address shared challenges.

“We’re at an inflection point between those who argue that, given all of the challenges we face, from the fourth industrial revolution to a global pandemic, that autocracy is the best way forward, they argue, and those who understand that democracy is essential, essential to meeting those challenges,” Biden said in remarks from the East Room of the White House that were televised at a virtual session of the Munich Security Conference Biden provided strong encouragement for multinational alliances, declaring that “America is back” as a “fully committed” NATO ally that will “work alongside its European partners. Biden went on to say:

“That is our galvanizing mission. Democracy doesn’t happen by accident. We have to defend it, strengthen it, renew it. We have to prove that our model isn’t a relic of our history.”

See Biden’s remarks here:

The false premise that America went somewhere and is now back is intellectually dishonest. The Trump administration’s foreign policy started no new wars, downsized troop presence, stabilized the Middle East/Peace Deals, expanded new trade deals, kept NK and Iran in a box, and increased contributions to NATO from allies – read more here and here.

Biden critics had different thoughts in mind. One writing under a CNN tweet gushing over the president’s speech that “he panders to globalists” as “America crumbles,” and another questioning the legitimacy of his presidency and calling him “a sock puppet.” Here is what Rep. Jim Jordan had to say on the Biden speech that pretty much sums up what many are thinking:

But what has Biden and his political party done?

  1. Governs by Executive Order (over 30, more than any past president) and not through the legislative branch as per the Constitution.
  2. Encourages suppression of free speech.
  3. Demonizes not only his political opponent but the people that support (by vote) his political opponent calling them at one point “Political Extremists.”
  4. Biden opponents feel the election was stolen, but Biden offers no path to assure and entrust that the election process was true.
  5. Encourages banning doxing of people that disagree with the validity of his election.
  6. Creates lists of opponents for targeting them to be silenced.
  7. He tries to impeach his political opponents two times under false pretenses.
  8. He makes every effort to suppress the people’s 2nd amendment rights.
  9. Maintains troop presence in DC like a weaponized zone.

Note:  Some items on this list may not have a direct quote from Biden, but he turns a blind eye to this list, giving tacit approval of them.

The Biden hypocrisy is mind bobbling. All these issues on our list are emblematic of a tinpot 3rd world dictator. So when Biden says, “democratic progress is under assault,” one has no idea what he is talking about.

But it sounds good for those that can’t see reality.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

Concerned citizen.

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