Biden’s Big Con Revealed, It’s Fueled By Fear And Far Worse Than We Thought

“It’s Biden’s Big Con! Liz Peek from Fox News tells us that the Biden-Harris regime may be the first in history to coverup GOOD NEWS and perpetuate false fear and doom for their political gain. Many of us suspected that the White House was stifling new COVID news and taking credit for all advances while degrading the accomplishments of the Trump administration. But it’s far, far worse than we ever thought.

“Amid the dire Covid warnings, one crucial fact has been largely ignored: Cases are down 77% over the past six weeks. If a medication slashed cases by 77%, we’d call it a miracle pill. Why is the number of cases plummeting much faster than experts predicted?

In large part because natural immunity from prior infection is far more common than can be measured by testing. Testing has been capturing only from 10% to 25% of infections, depending on when during the pandemic someone got the virus. Applying a time-weighted case capture average of 1 in 6.5 to the cumulative 28 million confirmed cases would mean about 55% of Americans have natural immunity.”

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