Black Teen Travels to White Suburb to Commit Mass Shooting, Mainstream Media Remains Silent

On Saturday evening at roughly 6:45 PM, Jamel Barnwell, a 17-year-old black male from West Philadelphia, shot up a bowling alley in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. One man was killed and four other people were injured during the attack. While the shooter is still on the run and the motive remains unknown, what is known is that Jamel Barnwell traveled from inner-city West Philly to the overwhelmingly white suburb of East Norton in order to perpetrate a random mass shooting at the town’s local popular hangout, Our Town Alley.

ABC 6 reported that 15 shots in total were fired. Children reportedly hid in mechanical closets to avoid gunfire and several parents broke windows in order to help their kids escape. The victim killed in the shooting has been identified as 29-year-old Frank Wade. Prior to shots being fired, Barnwell reportedly entered the family bowling alley with two other men before an altercation ensued with Wade. Barnwell then shot Wade and began firing shots into the crowd of an estimated 50-75 bowlers.

While this shooting is a tragedy and should not by any means be politicized as we pray for the victims and their families, it is noteworthy that aside from several local outlets and small conservative websites, this mass shooting has received virtually ZERO media coverage. Popular conservative commentator and video game streamer Jaden McNeil pointed this out on Twitter:

While the motive remains unknown, the shooting rings eerily similar to that of Dylan Roof perpetrated in 2015. Roof traveled to a black community in order to shoot up a black church in a racially motivated attack. The mainstream media gave non-stop coverage of this attack for months. However, with the roles seemingly reversed, it seems unlikely that this tragedy will be reported on by any of the big media conglomerates.

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  1. Mainstream media wont report on this so the message from the Marxist media is that White lives don’t matter.
    How can the nation heal with such divisive reporting which only focuses on shootings against Blacks?

  2. This is what’s known as “Black Privilege.” You can plan and perform mass murder, and if your black the msm won’t sully your name.When you get arrested, you will be released without having to post bail. Finally Barrack Obama will tell the courts, if I had a son he would look like him.

  3. This story is more about the angle of how Media gaslights what they choose and ignores what they wish. All violent crime is heinous no matter the race of the perpetrator or even the race, gender ,or creed targeted. But the media’s duplicity in reporting crime to the public is the issue. Again , all violent crimes are hate crimes but the media and the left highlight and propagandize only one certain category of violent crime to drive a narrative that serves their political agenda. This leaves it up to the public to highlight the above story in an attempt to show the hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty of the media and the left.
    God Bless and prayers to the victims and their families and community. And may the full extent of the law be applied ,with full due process , to the perpetrator of the crime.

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