Kamala Harris in PANIC, New Details Emerge About Bail Fund Connection

“Kamala Harris’ past is already coming back to haunt her. After joining a dozen members of Joe Biden‘s campaign in promoting the Minnesota Freedom Fund, Harris is now being tied to the violent criminals she helped set free. The Minnesota Freedom Fund was established during the chaos of the summer of 2020. Its purpose was to bail out rioters, but the organization came under fire after it was revealed that less than one percent of the $30 million in donations raised was spent on bailing out rioters. Many of the people bailed out by the MFF have been identified as dangerous criminals…”

Here is the link to information on how the MFF allocated funds.

There is no question Kamala Harris promoted the MFF:

Additionally, Candidate Kamala Harris was clear that the rioters were “not going to stop or let up, and should not.”


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