Woke Math Is Coming to a Classroom Near You | National Review

Not even algebra is safe from the social-justice warriors.

“Take the phenomenon of woke math, for instance. As Catherine Gewertz laid out in a piece for Education Week late last year, more and more teachers in K–12 classrooms are introducing left-wing intersectional agitprop into math lessons. Progressive talking points on subjects like policing patterns and campaign-finance reform are being used to supply students with numerical data that is then used to teach multiplication, division, algebra, and the like. Gewertz describes one such initiative, developed in Seattle, as attempting to supply “a framework . . . that weaves questions of power and oppression into math instruction, along with explorations of ethnic identity.”’

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Posted by Staucie Lee

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  1. Do you want to fly on an airplane that was designed by engineers that were not required to get the correct answers in math class?

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