Biden: Filibuster is a Relic of Jim Crow laws

Biden describes the filibuster as a “Jim Crow Relic,” and yet the Democrats used it 327 times last year. Joe Biden said that the filibuster is a “Jim Crow relic” in solidarity with former President Barack Obama.

The president also said that the procedure is “being abused in a gigantic way,” according to an official White House transcript of his remarks. On top of this clear contradiction, Biden made his support for the filibuster clear in 2005.

Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina described, in a Fox News interview on Friday, how Democrats used the filibuster to stop his police reform bill from being voted on. Scott said of the moment his bill was blocked, “It was a frustrating, irritating moment where the Democrats used a filibuster to block police reform that would’ve positively impacted — disproportionately — African-American communities.”

“Here’s what we know about the Democrats: They were for the filibuster before they were against the filibuster. I keep asking myself, will the real Chuck Schumer please stand up?”

Whereas, both Obama and Biden formerly supported the filibuster, Scott said, “Now of course, they use the word ‘racist’ whenever they’re trying to scare people into their corner.”

Can someone explain to me how the filibuster is racist?

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Written by Tom Williams

Born down on the farm in America's Midwest, my early life was spent climbing the ladder via a long career in information technology. Starting as a technician, and after earning a degree going to night school, I eventually found a place working at ATT Bell Laboratories as a software engineer.

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  1. Biden, 2005: “Eliminating filibuster would eviscerate the Senate and turn it into the House of Representatives,” Biden argued in 2005.”

    Biden, March 16, 2021: “”I don’t think that you have to eliminate the filibuster, you have to do what it used to be when I first got to the Senate back in the old days.”

    Biden, March 30, 2021: “Filibuster is a Jim Crow relic.”

    Don’t be alarmed folks – he is not flip flopping. He just doesn’t remember what he said last night.

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