San Diego Teachers Instruct Migrant Kids With Higher COVID Rates Than American Students Stuck Learning Virtually

” Unaccompanied child migrants housed at the San Diego Convention Center have an alarmingly high COVID-19 infections rate – but local teachers will be providing them in-person instruction and not their own students.

Hundreds of migrant girls have been housed at the facility as the Biden administration is trying to figure out how to handle a crisis of unaccompanied children flocking to the southern border.

Of more than 700 unaccompanied girls transferred to the center, at least 82 have tested positive for the virus as of Tuesday afternoon, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services told Fox News Tuesday evening… “

Let me see if I have this right…

The Biden administration has been dragging its heels over reopening American schools so our children can return to normal in-school instruction in classes. All of this has been orchestrated on the behest of one of the most powerful Democrat donor resources- The Teachers Union. And the rationale used has been it was not safe for teachers, staff, or students to be in a classroom setting related to COVID contagion.

But somehow, while mental health issues rise and suicide rates among our youngest skyrocket related to the shutdowns of in-school learning – Illegal and infected migrants can learn in person on American soil?

Will someone please explain to me how American parents are putting up with this level of abuse of their children – and right in their faces?

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Posted by Staucie Lee

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