If You Read a Single Article on Chauvin’s Case, It Should Be This One

“Since the death of George Floyd, our esteemed media, as well as their Democratic allies, have suggested that Floyd’s alleged murder is representative of broader American white supremacy, that Floyd’s experience with law enforcement is indicative of how American police pose an existential threat to black Americans.

They have offered no evidence for this proposition. Not a shred of evidence has been presented to suggest that former police officer Derek Chauvin’s actions the day of Floyd’s death were motivated by race. Not a shred of evidence has been presented to suggest that black Americans live at threat of extermination from white people or police officers.

As of 2013, according to Reuters, a black person’s chances of being murdered by a white person were 5 in 1 million, and according to a Washington Post database of police shootings, as of 2019, a black person’s chances of being shot by the police while unarmed were approximately 3 in 10 million.

But facts don’t matter when you’re pressing forward a narrative.

Now that Chauvin is on trial for Floyd’s murder, the facts will once again become secondary to the narrative…”



‘The prosecution first has to show beyond a reasonable doubt that Floyd’s death was caused by Chauvin’s actions.’

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  1. The leftist claim of systemic police racism is simply not there.
    That’s why the law, when practiced correctly, treats each case separately on its own particular facts in its own context.
    “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”, was Lavrentiy Beria’s (the most ruthless and longest-serving secret police chief in Joseph Stalin’s reign of terror) infamous boast.
    In this case the left are claiming “Show me the race (white) and I will show you the crime”.

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