YouTube Forces Political Videos It Doesn’t Like into ‘Private’ Mode

“Google-owned YouTube is now forcing politically dissident videos into “private” mode only, limiting viewership only to the video’s uploader and preventing them from being seen by a public audience.

The Google-owned video hosting platform recently censored a video from Republican candidate Laura Loomer in this manner.

YouTube informed Loomer of the act of censorship in a message to the candidate, who ran for Congress in Donald Trump’s home district of FL-21 in 2020, and who plans to do so again in 2022.

The censored video was titled “Why Does The Left Blame White People for Everything?” and had been available on Loomer’s channel without incident for three years.

“The video they cited is three years old!,” said Loomer in a post on Gab. “More political censorship and discrimination from Big Tech!”


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