BREAKING: Governor Abbott BANS vaccine passports

“Governor Greg Abbott revealed today that he has now issued an executive order banning vaccine passports for the state of Texas.

Below is his announcement:

By my count Abbott is now the second governor to ban vaccine passports, following after Florida Governor DeSantis last week. Hopefully, the Texas legislature is working to make this the law of the land.

As an aside, I just want to make a quick point about schools. I’ve seen online that some people are getting upset that schools and universities are requiring the COVID vaccine for attendance. But that’s standard fare in my opinion. When I went to college, I had to have certain vaccinations long before COVID, and it’s because you are entering a micro population of people for several years, living, eating and schooling with these people. I think it’s fine that they would also require the COVID vaccine now, as they do others. Just my two cents.”

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