Hunter Biden Admits use of Joe Biden’s Name to get Job at Burisma in Ukraine – Listen Audio

Hunter Biden said Burisma viewed his name as ‘gold’ when it hired him for a reported $50,000-a-month salary in 2014 because his father is synonymous with ‘democracy and transparency. The Biden name was gold to them’: President’s son Hunter admits he got a $50-000-a-month job on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma because of his family name.

  • Hunter said Burisma viewed Biden name as ‘gold’ when they hired him in 2014
  • The 51-year-old said his father’s name represents ‘democracy and transparency’
  • But Hunter denied leveraging connections of his father, who was then the VP
  • He also admitted that being a Biden had been both ‘a privilege and a burden’

Hunter Biden has admitted that he got a job on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma because of his father’s name. Hunter was paid up to $50,000 per month by the gas firm despite his lack of experience in the energy sector.

The 51-year-old said Burisma viewed his family name as ‘gold’ when the firm hired him in 2014 because it is ‘synonymous with democracy and transparency’ and hoped to capitalize on that reputation while trying to counter Russian ‘aggression’ in Crimea.

Hear Hunter in his own voice admit this corruption.

But he denied leveraging connections to his father Joe – who was then US vice president and leading Obama’s policy on Ukraine – while in the job, saying his day-to-day was ‘100% limited to … corporate governance and transparency.

He also admitted that being a Biden had opened doors that wouldn’t be opened up to other people, but said that was both a privilege and a burden.

This sounds like pure unadulterated nepotism and corruption. Hunter used his father’s government position to leverage Hunter’s business. Joe Biden needs to be investigated to see the extent of this corruption and whether this truly is affecting any U.S. foreign policy.

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  1. Wait ..are you telling me that every single concern that Trump and the conservative pundits pointed out about Hunter before the election which the MSM buried from the voters was accurate? How can that be? I mean the press vilified Senator Johnson’s committee report on the serious concerns and corruption their investigation uncovered and called it all wild rightwing conspiracies. And Papa Dorsey and uncle Zuckerberg literally removed a major newspaper’s expose so voters could not know about the pay to play accusations and blackmail concerns. Gee we are so lucky to have the Elites care for us and keep us comfortably numb and dumb.

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