Squad Member Tlaib Calls For Police To Be Abolished – Force is ‘Intentionally Racist and Cannot Be Reformed’ – As She Calls Wright’s Death ‘Government-Funded Murder’

  • The radical Congresswoman made the declaration on Twitter Monday
  • She described police forces as ‘inherently and intentionally racist’ and said all departments across the country were beyond the point of reform
  • Tlaib also called for an end to the country’s ‘incarceration and militarization’
  • Sen. Ted Cruz hit back, describing Tlaib as ‘insane’; her tweet was also criticized by hundreds of others who urged her to give up her own police protection
  • Tlaib’s tweet came after the fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright
  • Wright’s parents say they refuse to accept the cop accidentally fired her gun instead of a taser 

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has called for the abolishment of police following the fatal shooting of unarmed black man Daunte Wright.

The Michigan Rep. made the radical declaration on Twitter Monday – one day after Wright was shot dead at a traffic stop in Minnesota when a white cop reached for her gun instead of a Taser, which has been characterized as an accident.

‘It wasn’t an accident. Policing in our country is inherently & intentionally racist,’ Tlaib posted to Twitter.

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  1. Yes, Senator Cruz is right in saying Tlaib’s comment is insane but she herself may not insane but following a deliberate, consistent goal of the left…and of Islam – to destroy the strongest country in world that stands in their way. She is an enemy of the state and undermining the safety of Americans and should be arrested.

    On the matter of the police shooting, I think we now know women are more prone to pull out a gun compared to men.
    The whole idea of women on patrols is part of the same politically correct BS that allows black professors to be paid twice as much as their white peers.
    Final analysis is that this was a tragic accident in dealing with a hostile person who was evading arrest.

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