China Live-Drilled Attacks On US Carrier While Sending Record 25 Warplanes Into Taiwan’s Airspace, Analysts Say

Chinese warplanes appear to have simulated an attack on a U.S. aircraft carrier during Monday flights around Taiwan; multiple defense analysts told Newsweek on Tuesday. On Monday, China sent a record number of warplanes into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) as part of an ongoing aerial campaign worldwide. On the same day, the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group (CSG) sailed north of the Philippines’ northernmost island of Luzon, according to publicly available ship tracking data. Luzon lies directly south of Taiwan. Chieh Chung, a research fellow at the Association of Strategic Foresight in Taipei, Taiwan, told Newsweek.

Chinese warplanes have increasingly shown signs of flying attack drills and maneuvers to cut off U.S. or international support to Taiwan in recent weeks. China’s state-run Global Times recently reported the “PLA is continuing to increase its combat preparedness by making its routine exercises more complex and realistic and taking possible US and Japanese interventions into consideration.”


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