Maxine Waters Incites BLM protesters “Get More Confrontational” Expel Waters Now!

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Daily Mail:

Saturday marked the seventh night of protests in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, where skirmishes broke out between police and protesters on Friday.

Maxine Waters tells Minnesota BLM protesters ‘to get more confrontational’ one day after violent anti-police clashes erupted across US

  • California Representative Maxine Waters appeared on the Brooklyn Center protest on Saturday
  • ‘We gotta stay on the street,’ Waters said, encouraging protesters to ignore the night’s curfew
  • She also talked about previous botched attempts at police reform and how she wants to see Derek Chauvin receive a guilty verdict in his trial, which is set for closing arguments on Monday
  • Earlier on Saturday, protesters marched to the house of Pete Orput, the man responsible for the second-degree manslaughter charges being faced by former police officer Kimberly Potter
  • There were clashes between protesters and police on Friday night, with cops deploying pepper spray
  • Protests have been more peaceful so far on Saturday night at the Brooklyn Center police station
  • Protests are also taking place in other cities across the nation, including Washington D.C.

Waters is planning on staying in town until Monday. According to CBS Minnesota, officials stated that there was a brief altercation between reporters and protesters as Waters was leaving on Saturday, the first reports of any skirmishes. The Pioneer Press reports demonstrators gathered Saturday afternoon at the home of Washington County Attorney Pete Orput, responsible for the second-degree manslaughter charges against Kimberly Potter.

Maxine Waters is marching in Brooklyn Center tonight and told people to take to the streets if Chauvin is acquitted.

The protesters stood outside of Orput’s home before marching through a neighborhood in Stillwater. Black Lives Matter activist Nekima Levy Armstrong relayed that Orput left his home briefly to engage in a conversation with protesters.

Right Wire Report

Considering that these riots are destroying property, people’s livelihoods, and are causing chaos in the city, can one say that Maxine is inciting violence … dare we say even an insurrection?

See Maxine at work.

The Right Wire Report has archived how Maxine Waters and other Democrats who Impeached President Trump for inciting violence – have been the most irresponsible with rhetoric. The truth is their speech is advocating for violence, and their funding arms financially support the perpetrators. Read here and here (videos).

Expel Maxine Waters now!


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  1. This witch should be in jail!!!!!!! If I said some of the things this witch said I would be under the jail for years. When is the laws of our land going to be for everyone????? I know never! I am so sick of all the raciest crap! There is just EVIL every where in Washington D.C. and people don’t give a flying flip! Its sad to see our country stoop this low. I miss the Country I grew up in. I live my life by if you treat me with respect and like a human that is how I will treat you. But if you are trash I do not want you around me. Just stay away! Just being honest!

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