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Sunday Thoughts: Was the Bible Actually a Warning from Extraterrestrials?

One of the most famous inventors and thinkers in history and one of the most misunderstood must certainly be the Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist Nikola Tesla.

Tesla’s contributions to science and technology are immeasurable. He was well ahead of his time and predicted many of the technological innovations we take for granted today, such as smartphones and wireless communication. By the time he died in 1943, Tesla was the holder of over a thousand patents of all kinds, including neon lights, remote automation systems, artificial lightning, particle beam energy, and many more.

Tesla had a fascination with extraterrestrials. The rumors of Tesla and his connection to aliens have gone deep, with all sorts of conspiracies stating that he was contacted by aliens who helped him in his scientific efforts.

Tesla would speculate that the aliens were perhaps from Mars, which at the time was the main culprit for anything alien-related, and he became obsessed with further refining his technology so that he might further communicate with these entities. Marconi himself agreed that this was a perfectly legitimate pursuit and pursued his own radio communications with aliens, which he would claim were met with success, stating:

“I have encountered during my experiments with wireless telegraphy a most amazing phenomenon. Most striking of all is receipt by me personally of signals which I believe originated in the space beyond our planet.”

Tesla invented new antennae towers and equipment specifically for the purpose of continuing his eavesdropping sessions on the aliens, and he seemed to be pushing for this technology to be used for what he saw as a sort of new frontier for the human race. He would express enthusiasm and optimism in this endeavor, once writing:

“One day, my ear caught what seemed to be regular signals. I knew they could not have been produced upon Earth.”

Here is an interesting documentary on potential extraterrestrials:

Obviously, messages from extraterrestrials have been a fascination for a long time. If these messages are real, it is impossible to know if alien transmissions are benign or malicious. So is the best thing to do is delete them unread? Or perhaps these extraterrestrial messages are a warning.

If these extraterrestrials would contact humans, when and why could they be contacting us? In the Star Trek universe, the first-contact means the successful flight of the first human-constructed warp-capable spaceship and the subsequent first-contact with an alien species, which happened on April 5th, 2063.

This was when Zefram Cochrane’s spaceship, The Phoenix, hit warp speed for the first time. A passing Vulcan ship picked up the warp signature. Though the Vulcans had been aware of Earth and humans for quite some time, they’d always avoided contact because Earth was a pre-warp society. When they detected the Phoenix’s warp signature for the first time, they decided it was finally time to make official First Contact with the humans.

But would hitting warp speed be the only technology reason that would cause an extraterrestrial first-contact? How about the annihilation of humans as a species? Would that not be more important?

The idea that history has intersected in extraterrestrials has long been speculated. For example, did extraterrestrials help build the Egyptian pyramids? Or help the Myans with their calendar? But could also religious stories also have their origins from extraterrestrials? Consider these Biblical passages:

  • In Daniel 12:4 it states, “But you, Daniel, keep this prophecy a secret; seal up the book until the time of the end, when many will rush here and there, and knowledge will increase.” This in the last few hundred years has become true.
  • In Matthew 24:22, describing world conditions prior to His second coming, Jesus said that “if that time of troubles were not cut short, no living thing could survive; but for the sake of God’s chosen it will be cut short.” Though we are living under the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) security strategy, is not the “unthinkable” a possibility?

And what to make of ancient famous artists renderings and written depictions that appear to show evidence of aliens?

These prophecies, regardless of whether you believe in God or the Bible, are real.

Except for old unverifiable miracles (for the most part), no one has scientifically provable physical evidence of an extraterrestrial god. This could change at a first-contact on the potential human annihilation of humans as a species. Imagine an actual extraterrestrial being appearing in clouds approaching the earth to stop our annihilation. People would totally freak out. Even fight back:

  • Revelation 16:14: “… they which go forth unto the kings of the whole world, to gather them together unto the war [against God] of the great day of God, the Almighty.

Did Nikola Tesla hear something from extraterrestrials? Perhaps recent UFO encounters are real and have been reasonably documented. In the last 24 hours, a never-before video recording was leaked of what our US Military has classified as unidentified flying objects swarming a Navy ship, watch here.

Perhaps these anecdotal extraterrestrial events are preparing us for this first-contact. I suppose a God to most would seem like an extraterrestrial.

We would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.


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Written by Tom Williams

Born down on the farm in America's Midwest, my early life was spent climbing the ladder via a long career in information technology. Starting as a technician, and after earning a degree going to night school, I eventually found a place working at ATT Bell Laboratories as a software engineer.

Later moving into management and then a long stint in a major management consulting firm working with major banking, telecommunications, and retail companies. Working in various states in America, I also spent considerable time living and working in several European countries - currently expat in France. As a side career, I was heavily involved in real estate development and an avid futures trader. This experience can give one a unique view of the world.

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  1. This is an article that will make you stop and think! Well written. If there are little or big extraterrestrials I really don’t want to see one, Just being honest. But every thing that we have been lied to about from our Government would not be surprised that there are little extraterrestrials running around every where!

  2. Thought provoking.
    I’ve always been fascinated by Tesla and had no idea he had detected such radio signals.
    Marconi’s detections seem to corroborate Tesla’s.
    I also see some connection between scripture and these UFOs/UAPs appearing in what are objectively
    a critical time in world history.
    Now to discern the true lights from the false ones.

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