Megyn Kelly Sends Warning To Heads Of Schools Shoving ‘Critical Race Theory Down The Throats Of Their Students’

Megyn Kelly warned educators that their jobs were not necessarily safe after reports surfaced the head of New York’s Dalton school, Jim Best, was out.

“A warning to all Heads of School determined to re-racialize their schools [and] shove Critical Race Theory down the throats of their students: if the head of Dalton can get fired for this insanity, so can you,” the former Fox News host tweeted to her many followers on Friday.

“Stop the hateful division,” she added. The post included a retweet that read, “BREAKING: Jim Best is out as headmaster of the Dalton School.”

The division is getting more clear each day. One group believes in Critical Race Theory. The other group believes that all people are created equal.
The first group has seized control of many major corporations and the majority of public schools.
Those of us who believe in the principles of the Declaration of Independence may need to take their children and their business elsewhere.


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Posted by Staucie Lee

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