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3 Steps Into Our Dystopian Future – Tinfoil Hat Predictions, Part 1: The Takedown

Tinfoil HatEveryone seems to want to know the future, especially in these unsettling times, where unprecedented events have been occurring. Predicting the future can be a dubious exercise. Nevertheless, it is a useful exercise to put on our tinfoil hats to see where events will take us in the next few years. It helps us understand how better we can view society and adapt to it in our individual lives.

It should be noted that this is merely one view of what could happen in the future. One can, and for sure may have another. For the avoidance of doubt, this article is fictional … or is it?

Alexander Tytler was a Scottish advocate, judge, writer, and historian who served as Professor of Universal History and Greek and Roman Antiquities at the University of Edinburgh. Tyler found that societies went through this same cycle again and again and that the cycle lasted roughly 200 years each time. The idea states that successful societies are temporary by nature.

Kondratiev CyclesTytler is not the only person that has noticed these cycles in human history. The Soviet economist Nikolai Kondratiev was the first to bring these observations to international attention in his book The Major Economic Cycles (1925), alongside other works written in the same decade – see more here.

In economics, Kondratiev waves are hypothesized cycle-like phenomena in the world economy. It is stated that the period of a wave ranges from forty to sixty years. These cycles also have harmonics, and the four Kondratiev phases mirror the seasons of the year that could easily be overlapped over or in the Tytler cycle.

Tytler said the repeating cycle starts with a society in bondage, rises, and then goes back to bondage. This cycle has 9 steps: bondage, spiritual, courage, liberty, abundance, selfishness, complacency, apathy, and dependency. It then repeats. The cycle is long and requires that generations pass to forget how they got where they are in their present phase of the cycle. The cycle rarely reverses.

It is within this framework we look into the future. It is not as if we are psychics that are peering into a magic bowl of water like Nostradamus. It is merely understanding the nature of us humans and learning from history.


This series of articles will postulate from Tytler’s framework the events that could occur and put details on what could potentially unfold – see graphic above. It will be presented in three steps – or phases. As an outline, the three tinfoil hat steps into a dystopian future are as follows:

  1. The takedown – events over the next 6 to 18 months.
  2. The rise of a global fascist state – events over the next 2 to 7 years.
  3. Mankind decides, annihilation or a new dark age – events over the next 5 to 20 years.

In recent history, most American, European, and Western countries have been living in complacency and the apathy phases of the Tytler cycle. Many believe the abundance we have enjoyed post WWII will always be. Many believe humans can never regress – besides, look at the increase of technologies and living standards we have enjoyed. But will this always be? History and the Tytler cycle tell us no.

Many citizens have fallen asleep with the cares of the world and have allowed the nefarious entities in society to take advantage of the apathy. Chinese and Russian infiltration into the West has now reached a sufficient level that a takedown of the status quo of Western society is now plausible. They will be supported, maybe even controlled by a small group of elites, a cabal if you like.

Oligarchs, politicians, thought leaders, media, Big Tech, think tanks, academia, Hollywood, and sports – all have teamed up creating a cabal to ensure they stay relevant, maintain power, and receive the financial benefits that go along with this. Partly by design and partly by a seeming conspiracy of sharks swimming toward their prey – either way, it is a group of most likely less than 5,000 to 10,000 people that rule the world of nearly 8 billion people.

In the first step to this dystopian future, “the takedown,” will be a mostly bloodless coup against life as we have known it. The cabal’s collective efforts will create crisis after crisis fomenting greater division and expanding the destabilization of our culture and institutions. The masses will give power to the cabal in exchange for security from the chaotic conflict and increasing destructive forces that intimidate and threaten them. The negotiation and exchange of freedoms will be in vain to head off what is coming. Tools will be put in place to exacerbate this strategy and solidify the power of the cabal. Elements of society will try to resist but will be dealt with accordingly.

The takedown will come in many forms: psychological, propaganda, the political transformation of institutions and laws, Scarcity or rationing of goods and services, economics, nation-state saber-rattling, and cultural shifts that move the Overton window – all by meticulous design. Let’s review a few specific details on how the takedown may unfold.

The takedown – events over the next 6 to 18 months:

Destabilization and Crisis gaslighting cultural conflicts– The “Summer of riots” 2.0 mushrooms to critical mass and goes nationwide. This is not confined to large metropolises but strikes even smaller cities and towns, even rural. The conflicts will center on racial, gender identity/gender fluid, class, and political ideology lines. The goal will be to further demoralize, create tipping points, seize advantage of a crisis to solidify central power, and normalize that which allows acceptance of a reset of the structure of governance, more global governance model favored.

  • Expect political/media rhetoric to go off the charts as cabal operators continue to ratchet up the tensions and flame division. The Chauvin trial and other racial events will be the rallying call for a new round of BLM/Antifa riots. Every major city will have autonomous zones similar to what we saw with the CHAZ autonomous zone last year – except they will be larger and will be used to set up kangaroo courts to prosecute the undesirables in these communities. Soft slavery will be introduced as punishment by offenders in these war-lord-like areas. Mafia-like extortion schemes of local businesses will be used to fund this activity. Like last Summer, Local, state, and federal officials will not intervene to secure property or life for the most part.
    • America quickly divides into “Red” and “Blue” areas. The migration of the population already occurring accelerates to escape the chaos – mostly from Blue to Red areas. The autonomous zones begin to have food and other shortages. In response, the war-lord-like leaders will organize raiding parties to go into surrounding areas where resources still exist – this will reach into even the smallest of towns (easier targets). Intrastate passport IDs may develop to control movement and stop these raiding parties. This will launch a low-scale street-level civil war.
    • In response to the social conflict and racial outcry, a new one-time deficit spend of $14 trillion would be established, and a nationwide 15% sales tax will be implemented to pay slavery reparations of the past. However, most descendants of slaves will never see a penny, as most of the money collected will go to government institutions and their leaders to perform government services on the descendants of slaves’ behalf.
    • As horrific as this sounds, the top 50% of the social-economic strata may not be largely affected – living in non-effected areas or gated communities away from the trouble. Nevertheless, though the non-affected population may escape much of the street violence, they will suffer the loss of their freedoms.
  • Suspension of law and order. Suspension of the Constitution – and the Bill of Rights. Or at least as we know them. Joe Biden has already said that no amendment in the constitution is absolute. This includes:
    • The attack on free speech reaches Armageddon status. Censorship and cancel culture are already occurring both on social media platforms and in employment. It has also extended to cultural norms being eviscerated like Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head to name only a few. But expect this fascist intolerance to grow beyond the high profile and start to affect the “little guy” as well. Internet passports IDs will become a reality. Operating your own website will require government-controlled licenses – regulated by dubious hate speech laws. This will also extend to any public appearances by characters who do not support government edicts.
    • Government gun grabs will be legalized with a reinterpretation of the 2nd amendment – “well-regulated militias” will mean law enforcement, not individuals. Effectively the 2nd will be dead because anyone using a gun will face excessive legal liabilities – remember the McCloskeys? Elimination of guns will ensure that the masses can not fight back against any government overreach.
    • Policing against street crime will become virtually non-existent to exacerbate chaos on the streets – except where the government desires. The justice system simply will not prosecute crimes that do not support their desired objectives. Where it does, justice will be swift and harsh – illegal searches and detentions will be the norm. Except for extreme cases and political prisoners, people in prisons become passé. The cabal has effectively lied to the public with the complicit media’s assist and gaslighted the racial divisions between black communities and law enforcement. The agenda was entirely designed to facilitate the abolishment of traditional policing and usher in a federally controlled police force. This goal will become a reality.
    • The surveillance state now in play today, accelerates. All travel, communication, purchases, employment, and business activities must be self-reported with heavy fines and imprisonment for violators. Extensive tracking technological systems and a mechanism will be set up for “whistleblowers” to report violators.
    • Voting will be done by proxy – meaning you will be required to sign over your voting rights to government-approved organizations to vote on your behalf. Supreme court-packing and new constitutional powers will be put in place to create a framework to make all this constitutionally legal.
  • The weaponization of the pandemic rages on. Spring and Summer weather has provided a reprieve for most Americans as flu-like viruses are less virulent in warmer conditions. Presently, Americans  are experiencing the reopening of businesses after the past 12 months of COVID restrictions but this will not last.
    • The virus is a real pathogen however most have a 97% survival rate as treatment protocols and therapeutics have improved. The weaponization of the virus is evident in the manipulation of infection rates, hospitalizations, deaths, and how they are categorized and reported. Further, how this manipulation has allowed state, local and federal governments to overreach and implement unconstitutional and draconian limits to our freedoms. Additionally, using the façade of labeling this overreach as science-driven resulting in numerous measures that harmed the physical and emotional well-being of its citizens. Enjoy the summer, as it might be the last fleeting time you will enjoy any remaining freedom. The fourth wave of the coronavirus comes in the fall as flu season starts again, and so will the bolder cabal power grabs.
    • Vaccines will be shown to be largely ineffective and not safe. Several are already being pulled from the market. One final vaccine will be decided upon and will be required, most likely bi-annually or annually to have access to “life” as we once knew it – Covid Passports will be the law of the land. The vaccine may be found to cause lower immunity to new Covid variants leading to a new pandemic that is more severe-and the cycle will keep going as planned.
    • A new virulent Covid mutation will emerge. Whether by design or nature, it won’t matter. More serious death rate numbers emerge, leading to chaotic fear and driving the push for even more severe draconian measures, masks, and lockdown mandates. International and regional air travel all but stops – except where the government allows. Regional travel restrictions will apply, digital tracking using GPS and military blockades to enforce the lockdowns – all for the public good, of course.
  • Geopolitical regional conflict. While all these US-based domestic events occur, the world is seething with potential regional wars that may break out. The question is, will Biden support our traditional allies militarily?
    • As the Chinese expansion continues in the Pacific rim (see all the hot spots), Taiwan is the target. Taiwan and South Korea are critical to the global economy – 75% of all global semiconductors are manufactured there. Controlling and perhaps even using it to create doorways into every technology platform for surveillance purposes.
    • On the other side, Russia still has ambitions to regroup the old USSR, specifically Ukraine, and maybe further. Both Russia and China have warned Biden to stay out of “their” business.
    • As low-level terrorism continues throughout the Middle East, Iran’s ambitions of becoming a nuclear power become a reality. Iranian saber-rattling fear causes a more left-wing government to gain power. The new Israeli government will make some preemptive attacks but will capitulate to many of their enemies’ demands.
    • Though skirmishes will occur, no major regional war will break out. Rather, when US allies come to terms that Biden will not defend them, they will have no choice but to cut deals with their enemies that they may later regret. They win without even firing a shot.
    • Europe and other US allies will have no choice but to re-arm (even pursue getting nukes) – a powerful military with no leader. The geopolitical power structure changes and the US loses its preeminence as the only superpower on the globe.
    • Worst-case scenario the cabal accelerates the progression to the end game and drags the countries of NATO into WWIII.
  • Economic transformation. Many are calling for a Global Reset to put the world back on a sound footing. Our leaders and elites are not idle. As David Rockefeller said, “All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.” They are listening to the groaning sounds of the people and are ready to seize the moment.
    • The Great Reset and the elites’ “Build Back Better” agenda is real. Here is just a snapshot of what this might look like. The bottom line is that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and all these events are designed to ensure the masses do not rise up in revolution against them – better to keep the masses fighting amongst themselves and be perceived as saviors in a New World Order.
    • With all the currency debasement (endless and increasing debt) from both governments and central banks, inflation is bound to come. Food riots will break out.
    • Social-economic segmentation will be the order of the day. This means that thought top-line numbers, stock markets, and reported economic statistics would be reported as reasonable, it all depends on where one sits in an economic-social class.
    • The Misery Index (= Unemployment Rate + Inflation Rate) will return to our economic vocabulary. However, the global economies risk a Minsky Moment ushering in the Great Reset to become a reality. New currency regimes will be envisioned robbing the masses even more. Most will become dependent (Universal Basic Income) on government, while the top elites will be the owners and masters of this economic transformation.
  • Civil war. Many have spoken that a potential civil war is brewing in America. Certainly, a cultural civil war has been occurring, but a massive violent civil war is not in the cards. Rather ongoing street battles, where government largely stands aside and lets it happen. It will be Red areas against the Blue areas. It is done to achieve maximum chaos to be used as a political tool to implement their agenda out of fear. The media will side with the government, giving a pass to any violence from left-wing groups.
    • On the left (Blue areas), we have already described the tactics that they will use above.
    • Unfortunately, on the right (Red areas), a backlash will occur and any legal resistance will be labeled racist and part of a wider insurrection set of domestic terrorist events. New secretive right-wing militia groups will form – some to defend their areas, others to perform targeted elimination events of offending leftists. The high-level elites will largely be protected, but lower-level leftists will suffer the most.
    •  Even though there won’t be a nationwide kinetic civil war fought like America’s first Civil War- proximity to left-wing population density hubs will largely determine how you and your family will be impacted.
    • Internationally, mostly in Europe, the civil war will be more like an ongoing high level of weekly, if not daily, terror events. It will be mostly a religious civil war between Christian and Islamic entities. Governments will largely stand by and play clean-up. They will fear getting too involved for fear of inciting more terrorism – appeasement.
  • Global uni-party established. After what many believe was a massive failure in election integrity in the 2020 US elections, the feeble attempt by Republican efforts to implement election integrity laws will fail. But it is not just in America, and it is global. Media and Social Media control all thoughts of the democracies of the world. Where they cannot control thought, election integrity fraud mechanisms can do the rest. Global organizations under the umbrella of the UN combine to create a global uni-party.
    • The current crop of Republicans is merely putting on a show due to potential conservative backlash. A political uni-party consists of the Democrats and participating Republicans (often called by many Republicans RINOs – Republicans In Name Only). Alternative views will not be tolerated.
    • The declining health of Joe Biden continues to deteriorate. Biden will become increasingly less publicly visible, with little contact with media and few and short public appearances. Some today believe he can not make even six months into his administration – allowing Kamala Harris to assume the presidency. Perhaps it won’t really matter as the current administration is being run by a cabal of elites and foreign actors – the Biden administration has little agency and rubber stamps what they are told.
    • Leaders around the world will have little agency. They will have to fall in line or never be installed. Pandemics, climate change, social culture wars, and sometimes by force will force them to comply. Those international leaders that go off the narrative will be rooted out via various mechanisms.
    • The world’s religions will form unholy alliances in order to get along with the global uni-party. Any splinter groups will be labeled as terrorists. Effectively creating state-sanctioned religions.
    • Though a global uni-party of thought exists – there is little leadership. The key point here is that the tools are in place, and a leadership power vacuum exists, giving an opening for a charismatic world leader to take us to the next phase – the rise of the global fascist state.

Whether any of these scenarios occur remains to be seen. Will history repeat itself? Read here for some perspective on what might drive the cabal.

For some, the scenarios being described here are frightening. To others, in fact, maybe the majority will welcome a big global government. Remember the “chicken in every pot and Volkswagen in every garage” propaganda? Are today’s events similar to events we saw in the early 1920s? The elimination of the “deplorables” with “a stimulus check every month, and a vaccine every six months.”

The fear of global chaos will drive the masses to demand security from their governments. Many will freely give up their sovereignty for security. Remember the famous quote from Benjamin Franklin:

“Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

There are many exit ramps off this dystopian path – so it is not inevitable. Unfortunately, many will not heed Franklin’s warning, which leads us to the next step (part 2) on the road to this dystopian future – the rise of the global fascist state. Look for it in an upcoming article.

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  1. This is a fascinating read and I can’t wait for next installment. Seriously , most cannot deny that at least of what the tin foil hat theorizes will happen – scary times indeed.

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