House Passes DC Statehood Bill: Dem. Jones Chooses To Race Bait As Chaos Ensues In Floor Debate

House PASSES bill to make DC the 51st state after Democrat Mondaire Jones sparked fury by calling Republican arguments against it ‘racist trash’

  • The House passed a D.C. statehood bill 216-208, in a party-line vote with only Democrats voting for it and all the Republicans who voted going against it 
  • The legislation would transform the neighborhoods of the capital city into Washington, Douglass Commonwealth
  • It would almost certainly result in two new Democratic senators and a Democratic member of the House  
  • Earlier, Democratic Rep. Mondaire Jones sparked fury when he said the GOP arguments against D.C. statedhood were ‘racist’ 
  • ‘One Senate Republican, said that D.C. wouldn’t be a “well rounded working class state,”‘ Jones said ‘I had no ideas there were so many syllables in the word white’
  • Jones pointed out how last month one GOP House member said D.C. shouldn’t become a state because the District doesn’t have a landfill 
  • ‘My goodness, with all the racist trash my colleagues have brought to this debate I can see why they’re worried about having a place to put it,’ he said 
  • Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Texas Republican, could be heard yelling as Jones made his comments, with Republicans asking them to be struck from the record 


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