Senate Passes Anti-Asian Hate Crime Bill 94-1

Senate passes anti-Asian hate crime bill 94-1 – with Republican Josh Hawley casting the only opposition vote

  • The Senate passed an anti-discrimination bill to address the rise in hate crimes against Asians in the U.S. by wide, bipartisan margins Thursday afternoon
  • The vote was 94-1, with only Missouri Republican Josh Hawley voting against the measure 
  • The bill directs the DOJ and HHS to issue new guidance on the rise in violence against Asians amid the coronavirus pandemic 
  • It now heads to the Democrat-led House, where it’s also expected to pass 
  • The vote is the latest move the federal government has made to reverse what President Joe Biden considers to be the misdeeds of the last administration 
  • ‘It’s the coronavirus. Full stop,’ Biden said in a speech last month, pushing back on President Donald Trump’s use of ‘China virus’ and ‘Kung flu’ 
  • Biden also signed an executive order and moved COVID-19 relief funds to address the problem, while the DOJ has made moves of its own 
  • The group Stop AAPI Hate said there were 3,795 incidents reported to the group between March 19, 2020 and the end of February 2021 
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  1. SO when is there going to be a Hate Crime Bill signed for every RED, WHITE, YELLOW, AND BLACK person in America? Did I leave out anyone? SMH! SMH! Just being honest!

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