Virginia Eliminates Accelerated Math Courses Because Equity

When everyone is super, no one will be.

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) is eliminating accelerated math courses before 11th grade to “[i]improve equity in mathematics learning opportunities.”

Loudoun County school board member Ian Serotkin announced Tuesday that the “Virginia Mathematics Pathways Initiative (VMPI),” is a “a sweeping initiative by the Virginia Department of Education to revamp the K-12 math curriculum statewide over the next few years” by “eliminat[ing] ALL math acceleration prior to 11th grade.”

As I learned from a revealing article in the Federalist, Virginia has decided the way to pursue equity in education is to eliminate all advanced math classes until the 11th grade.
The way they intend to “level the playing field” is to take away the opportunity for academically gifted students to maximize their potential.
Education ought to always be about maximizing every child’s potential.
But the social justice warriors don’t care about children or education—they care only about a political philosophy that values the group over the individual.
But even if your goal is to help the group, robbing the mathematically gifted of the opportunity to accelerate does not truly help the group in the long run.
Three things are going to happen in Virginia.
1. Homeschooling numbers are going to skyrocket.
2. Math tutors are going to make a fortune.
3. Virginia will elect a Republican Governor and House of Delegates.
This is socialism. This is why the Soviet citizens had to wait years to get refrigerators and cars. And consumer goods were shoddy and scarce.
But even the USSR wasn’t so crazy as to fail to teach advanced math to their brightest students.
People with a dangerous philosophy are in control of our state. We must and we will take it back.
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Posted by Staucie Lee

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