Biden Considering Ordering All Military Members To Get COVID Vaccine

President Joe Biden did not rule out ordering all members of the military to get the COVID vaccine after data showed that 40% of Marines refused to get a shot.

‘I don’t know,’ he told NBC’s Today Show. ‘I’m going to leave that to the military.’

Nearly 40% of the 123,000 Marines who have had the chance to receive COVID vaccine have turned it down, according to force-wide data obtained by

‘I’m not saying I won’t,’ Biden said. ‘I think you’re gonna see more and more them getting it.’

He acknowledged it would be a tough order to give.

‘It’s going to be a tough call, as to whether or not, they should be required to get in the military, because you’re in such close proximity with other military personnel,’ he noted.

About 102,000 Marine personnel have not yet been offered the vaccine, Capt. Andrew Wood, a spokesman at the Pentagon, told Military Times.

He said there were plenty of reasons a Marine may turn it down, including the fact they are a young and healthy force so they might be giving it up so others can get the shot first.

Military personnel and frontline workers were among the first groups offered the vaccine.

He said they still have the option of getting it.

‘Service members who decline one day can change their mind and become vaccinated when the next opportunity presents itself,’ Wood said.

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