Biden Says “Buy American, Free and Fair Trade, The Forgotten, and We the People” – But NOT Branded Xenophobic, Isolationist, Racist Or An Authoritarian

Hey Joe…that ringtone going off is” The Donald “and, he is calling to say he wants his SOTU speech back!


While watching Biden’s “speech” the other evening, I was struck by a few glaring hypocritical inconsistencies:

  • The non-SOTU delivered to an almost empty House fully masked, vaccinated, and in whisper tones as POTUS turned and nodded to empty seats.
  • The surreal setting against the backdrop of US National Guard troops still maintaining the Federal City as a fortress- as if under siege from the enemy.
  • And most striking, the fact that minus the spending extravaganza wish list-significant lines from Biden’s speech mirrored Trump’s first address to congress. Frankly, all of Trump’s addresses to Congress, speeches, off-the-cuff press gaggles, and rallies.

Here is full Text of Biden’s speech. Here are some of those lines I refer to that are almost verbatim vintage Trump:

  1. “And all the investments in the American Jobs Plan will be guided by one principle: “Buy American.”
  2. ” American tax dollars are going to be used to buy American products made in America that create American jobs-The way it should be.”
  3. “We are working again. Dreaming again. Discovering again. Leading the world again. We have shown each other and the world: There is no quit in America.”
  4. “You feel left behind and forgotten in an economy that’s rapidly changing.”
  5. “That means making sure every nation plays by the same rules in the global economy, including China. In my discussion with President Xi, I told him that we welcome the competition – and that we are not looking for conflict. But I made absolutely clear that I will defend American interests across the board. America will stand up to unfair trade practices that undercut American workers and industries, like subsidies for state-owned enterprises and the theft of American technologies and intellectual property. In my discussion with President Xi, I told him that we welcome the competition – and that we are not looking for conflict. But I made absolutely clear that I will defend American interests across the board.”
  6. “America will stand up to unfair trade practices that undercut American workers and industries, like subsidies for state-owned enterprises and the theft of American technologies and intellectual property. I also told President Xi that we will maintain a strong military presence in the Indo—Pacific just as we do with NATO in Europe – not to start conflict – but to prevent conflict. And, I told him what I’ve said to many world leaders – that America won’t back away from our commitment to human rights and fundamental freedoms.”
  7. “No responsible American president can remain silent when basic human rights are violated. A president has to represent the essence of our country.”
  8. “America is an idea – unique in the world. We are all created equal. It’s who we are. We cannot walk away from that principle.”
  9. ” With regard to Russia, I made very clear to President Putin that while we don’t seek escalation, their actions have consequences. I responded in a direct and proportionate way to Russia’s interference in our elections and cyber—attacks on our government and businesses – and they did both of those things and I did respond. But we can also cooperate when it’s in our mutual interests.”
  10. “And American leadership means ending the forever war in Afghanistan.”
  11. “We have the greatest fighting force in the history of the world.”
  12. “Good jobs and good schools. Affordable housing. Clean air and clean water.”
  13. “This shouldn’t be a Red vs. Blue issue. It’s an American issue.”
  14. “Our Constitution opens with the words, “We the People”.”
  15. “The autocrats will not win the future. America will. The future will belong to America.”
  16. “And I can say with absolute confidence: I have never been more confident or more optimistic about America.”
  17. “United. With light and hope, we summoned new strength and new resolve. To position us to win the competition for the 21st Century. On our way forward to a Union more perfect. More prosperous. More just. As one people. One nation. One America. It’s never been a good bet to bet against America. And it still isn’t. We are the United States of America.”


Shall we compare Biden’s lines with Trump’s 2017 speech?  The transcript can be read here.

  1. “What we are witnessing today is the renewal of the American spirit. Our allies will find that America is once again ready to lead. All the nations of the world – friend or foe – will find that America is strong, America is proud, and America is free.”
  2. “I will not allow the mistakes of recent decades past to define the course of our future. For too long, we’ve watched our middle class shrink as we’ve exported our jobs and wealth to foreign countries. We’ve financed and built one global project after another, but ignored the fates of our children in the inner cities of Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, and so many other places throughout our land. We’ve defended the borders of other nations while leaving our own borders wide open for anyone to cross and for drugs to pour in at a now unprecedented rate. And we’ve spent trillions and trillions of dollars overseas, while our infrastructure at home has so badly crumbled.”
  3. “Tonight, as I outline the next steps we must take as a country, we must honestly acknowledge the circumstances we inherited. Ninety-four million Americans are out of the labor force. Over 43 million people are now living in poverty, and over 43 million Americans are on food stamps. More than one in five people in their prime working years are not working. We have the worst financial recovery in 65 years. In the last eight years, the past administration has put on more new debt than nearly all of the other Presidents combined. We’ve lost more than one-fourth of our manufacturing jobs since NAFTA was approved, and we’ve lost 60,000 factories since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001. Our trade deficit in goods with the world last year was nearly $800 billion dollars. And overseas we have inherited a series of tragic foreign policy disasters.”
  4. “Solving these and so many other pressing problems will require us to work past the differences of party. It will require us to tap into the American spirit that has overcome every challenge throughout our long and storied history. But to accomplish our goals at home and abroad, we must restart the engine of the American economy — making it easier for companies to do business in the United States, and much, much harder for companies to leave our country. Right now, American companies are taxed at one of the highest rates anywhere in the world. My economic team is developing historic tax reform that will reduce the tax rate on our companies so they can compete and thrive anywhere and with anyone. It will be a big, big cut.”
  5. “At the same time, we will provide massive tax relief for the middle class. For the forgotten men and women , we must create a level playing field for American companies and our workers. We have to do it. Currently, when we ship products out of America, many other countries make us pay very high tariffs and taxes. But when foreign companies ship their products into America, we charge them nothing, or almost nothing.”
  6. “I believe strongly in free trade but it also has to be fair trade. It’s been a long time since we had fair trade. The first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, warned that the “abandonment of the protective policy by the American government… will produce want and ruin among our people.” Lincoln was right — and it’s time we heeded his advice and his words. I am not going to let America and its great companies and workers be taken advantage of us any longer. They have taken advantage of our country. No longer.”
  7. “I believe that real and positive immigration reform is possible, as long as we focus on the following goals: To improve jobs and wages for Americans; to strengthen our nation’s security; and to restore respect for our laws. If we are guided by the wellbeing of American citizens, then I believe Republicans and Democrats can work together to achieve an outcome that has eluded our country for decades.”
  8. “To launch our national rebuilding, I will be asking Congress to approve legislation that produces a $1 trillion investment in infrastructure of the United States –financed through both public and private capital– creating millions of new jobs.  This effort will be guided by two core principles: buy American and hire American.”
  9. “Here are the principles that should guide the Congress as we move to create a better healthcare system for all Americans :First, we should ensure that Americans with preexisting conditions have access to coverage, and that we have a stable transition for Americans currently enrolled in the healthcare exchanges. Secondly, we should help Americans purchase their own coverage through the use of tax credits and expanded Health Savings Accounts — but it must be the plan they want, not the plan forced on them by our government. Thirdly, we should give our great state governors the resources and flexibility they need with Medicaid to make sure no one is left out. Fourth, we should implement legal reforms that protect patients and doctors from unnecessary costs that drive up the price of insurance, and work to bring down the artificially high price of drugs, and bring them down immediately. And finally, the time has come to give Americans the freedom to purchase health insurance across state lines – which will create a truly competitive national marketplace that will bring costs way down and provide far better care. So important.”
  10. “Our citizens deserve this, and so much more — so why not join forces and finally get the job done, and get it done right? On this and so many other things, Democrats and Republicans should get together and unite for the good of our country and for the good of the American people.”
  11. “My administration wants to work with members of both parties to make childcare accessible and affordable, to help ensure new parents that they have paid family leave to invest in women’s health, and to promote clean air and clean water, and to rebuild our military and our infrastructure.”
  12. “True love for our people requires us to find common ground, to advance the common good, and to cooperate on behalf of every American child who deserves a much brighter future.”
  13. “But to achieve this future, we must enrich the mind and the souls of every American child. Education is the civil rights issue of our time. I am calling upon members of both parties to pass an education bill that funds school choice for disadvantaged youth, including millions of African American and Latino children. These families should be free to choose the public, private, charter, magnet, religious, or home school that is right for them.”
  14. “But to break the cycle of poverty, we must also break the cycle of violence. The murder rate in 2015 experienced its largest single-year increase in nearly half a century. In Chicago, more than 4,000 people were shot last year alone, and the murder rate so far this year has been even higher. This is not acceptable in our society.
  15. “Every American child should be able to grow up in a safe community, to attend a great school, and to have access to a high-paying job. But to create this future, we must work with, not against, not against, the men and women of law enforcement. We must build bridges of cooperation and trust, not drive the wedge of disunity and, really, it’s what it is, division. It’s pure, unadulterated division. We have to unify.
  16. “To those allies who wonder what kind of a friend America will be, look no further than the heroes who wear our uniform. Our foreign policy calls for a direct, robust and meaningful engagement with the world. It is American leadership based on vital security interests that we share with our allies all across the globe. We strongly support NATO, an alliance forged through the bonds of two world wars that dethroned fascism, and a Cold War, and defeated communism.”
  17. “America is willing to find new friends, and to forge new partnerships, where shared interests align. We want harmony and stability, not war and conflict. We want peace, wherever peace can be found.”
  18. “When we have all of this, we will have made America greater than ever before — for all Americans. This is our vision. This is our mission. But we can only get there together. We are one people, with one destiny. We all bleed the same blood. We all salute the same great American flag. And we all are made by the same God.”
  19. “I am asking all citizens to embrace this renewal of the American spirit. I am asking all members of Congress to join me in dreaming big, and bold, and daring things for our country. I am asking everyone watching tonight to seize this moment. Believe in yourselves, believe in your future, and believe, once more, in America.”

The blatant reality is no politician, media pundit, or newspaper headline dare craft the narrative that Biden’s strong sentiments of America First was xenophobic much less racist! There were no headlines trotted out describing Biden’s pro – America messaging as “Dark”, “Dystopian”, or “Divisive.” No charges of Biden’s trade policy statements being isolationist…and so on. Everyone remembers the consistent thrashing and vile headlines after every Trump speech given, casual or formal. The consistent themes were that Trump was divisive, authoritarian, anti-democracy, Hitler -like, racist, dark, dystopian, unconstitutional, and even worse.

These propagandists pimped this fake divisive narrative about Trump even though every single Trump Rally always ended with this same edict:

“We are one people, one family, and one glorious nation under God. And we gather with the incredible, unbelievable, beautiful people of ( insert location) We have made America powerful again. We have made America wealthy again. We have made America strong again. We have made America proud again. We have made America safe again. And we will make America great again. Thank you, God bless and God Bless America.”

What did the media think about Biden’s maiden voyage? The one where his lines delivered match Trump’s almost perfectly?

  • NBC News: “The president, on the platform with two women in a joint address for the first time in U.S. history, made a populist pitch for his economic agenda in his first big speech to Congress on Wednesday, President Joe Biden repeatedly spoke off the cuff and made a populist pitch to “forgotten” voters, urging lawmakers to pass his multitrillion-dollar economic agenda.’
  • WAPO:” Biden, in speech to Congress gives sweeping agenda and touts Democracy.”
  • MSNBC :“His use of voice modulation was rather extraordinary,” MSNBC anchor Brian Williams said of Biden.
  • CNN: CNN White House correspondent John Harwood tweeted Wednesday. “Biden grounding his speech in plain, non-political, non-ideological language invoking the people he wants to help.”
  • LAT: “President Biden’s speech to Congress gave a dose of left-leaning economic populism.”
  •  Check out this video from Joe Concha’s analysis here.

Color me confused but was not Trump accused of being a populist when he spoke specifically about the forgotten men and women of the middle class – and the accusation was a negative crushing ball weighted  slight?

While most will not need to hold onto their hats and steady themselves from this shockwave- The media took no issue with allowing Biden to take all the credit for that which was not his to take:

Biden touted the economy and jobs growth and took full credit for the comeback. Considering the Biden Administration’s American Rescue Act was not passed until well into March 2021, any stimulus growth effects would not show up in the present data. The pandemic lockdowns caused the economy a 31% contraction April-June of last year, and 22 million-plus jobs vanished. The Trump stimulus packages, Operation Warp Speed, and the easing of restrictions that had repressed business activity were more likely the factors involved. The 2 million returning to the workplace in such a short timeframe is directly a result of vaccines and states opening back up and those with jobs on hold or lost gaining them back. There is no specific policy Biden could point to as causation of job growth.


Then there was the deluded nature of Biden’s speech where facts and truth appear irrelevant. If you want to have a weeping giggle, one has no choice to laugh at the absurdity and cry that he gets away with it, just read through a few mainstream media fact checks, here and here.

These are some of the fact checks that show where Biden was not truthful, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Again the question remains …

Why is it when the same sentiments and even words fall from Biden’s mouth is he lauded and exalted and Trump is the Anti-Christ?

Answer – cynical politics and evil contempt and hatred for the serfs. All of them, even the ones that accept the propagandist’s narratives and are still sleeping.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Bekah Lyons

"The simple step of a courageous individual is to not take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world." Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

I was born and raised in the enigma known as "The Big Easy." There, rooted along the banks of the great Mississippi River between the creeping bayou and Lake Pontchartrain, I was conscripted on all things pertaining to human nature.  I am the quintessential southern woman, that is to say, I defy most could never accurately define what that label truly represents.  Brined below sea level where one respects; the haunts lingering about, the force of storm surge, the ethos of Mardi Gras, and the sanctity of generational family-I know what it is to belong to an organically diverse culture.

Early on in life, my career path serpentined and led to brief stints of living abroad in Europe as I indulged my passions for painting, musical theater, and the culinary arts. My young experiences evolved my purpose and honed my intuitive skills and I became a Medical Professional specializing in mental health with a focus on child/adolescent needs. After living decades in NOLA, and after hurricane  Katrina unearthed the realities of modern-day inner cities, I made the pivotal decision to relocate to where my family and I spent our summers in a quest to find security and civility in my life.

High up on one of the "grandfather mountains" I now perch in a Smoky mountain community in East Tennessee. Although, I would not trade my formative years in Louisiana, unfortunately,  that era of  America  is  no longer obtainable in the times we live - changing course was the best decision "Evah!"

I am a warrior  for freedom and truth , steeped in my ancestral history ,I am constantly reminded that stillness and introspection expands the mind and heart to possess a more nuanced understanding of all things in our internal and external world. We are all destined to bash ourselves against the rotted cultural rocks of humanity's unraveling until we recognize that a shared moral tone is essential for a free society. A healthy culture is one comprised of many unique people who offer shading and depth to the experience of living, yet all choose to accept basic truths that bind us all together-a societal moral tone. Intolerance  , censorship, intersectionality, cancel culture, apathy ,and ignorance will only groom oppression and tyranny.  Critical thought, differentiation, and dissent is your individual right granted not by government -and must always be protected, championed, and defended.

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