Gas Stations Run Out Of fuel After Cyberattack On Colonial Pipeline

Pumps run dry on day five of Colonial Pipeline cyber attack: Cars line up outside stations across the South and American Airlines is forced to add refuel stop to long haul flights as gas prices near seven-year high

  • The FBI has confirmed that DarkSide, a Russian hacking outfit made up of ransomware veterans, was responsible for the attack on Colonial Pipeline
  • The pipeline, which runs from Texas to New Jersey and transports 45 percent of the East Coast’s fuel supply, was hacked five days ago  
  • Colonial said it was working to ‘substantially’ resume operations by the end of this week but reports of gas shortages are already emerging along East Coast 
  • Gas stations in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia had shortages
  • The pipeline also serves Atlanta’s airport – the world’s busiest by passengers
  • American Airlines is adding stops in two long-haul routes from Charlotte, NC 
  • American Automobile Association is predicting that gas prices will only surge as a result of the shutdown after the average price jumped six cents to $2.98
  • An increase of three more cents would make the national average the most expensive since November 2014 

Editors note: Most recently the Biden Administration moves to increase taxation and regulation along with massive spending has resulted in rising inflation. One of the hardest-hit sectors of the economy by these draconian leftist moves is the Energy Sector.

The timing of the “Cyber infrastructure attack”, as well as the rapid Intelligence assessment that “Darkside” is accountable for, is interesting to the Right Wire Report.

All that we are pointing out is how convenient it is to have a cover for why fuel prices are rising…

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  1. Now be sure to run out and fill up all your cars, trucks, lawnmowers, every empty jug you can find. SMH! People have you gone bat crap crazy????? Well yes most have!!!!

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