Now Eleven States are Refusing Biden’s $300 a Week Unemployment Benefit

Republican states revolt against Joe’s handouts: ELEVEN GOP governors now refuse Biden’s $300 unemployment benefit that makes it ‘impossible for employers to fill jobs


  • Republican governors in eleven states are declining the $300 per week boosted unemployment benefits to help during the coronavirus pandemic with Idaho and Iowa the latest to withdraw from the schene
  • Governors claim the extra money is incentivizing people to stay home and making it hard to fill jobs
  • Jobless in Iowa, Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Montana, South Carolina and Alabama will not the extra money from June in order to encourage people to get back to work
  • Experts claim those who made $32,000 before the pandemic can now make the same – or more – with combined benefits from state and federal government, encouraging people to stay home
  • ‘Our economy has come back, we have jobs aplenty,’ Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said. ‘We cannot pay extra compensations for workers to stay home’
  • President Joe Biden was forced to defend his controversial expanded benefits scheme on Monday and said he did not ‘see much evidence’ the scheme had encouraged people to stay unemployed
  • Reinstated a pre-pandemic policy requiring people to search for work and take any suitable job offered

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