Bill Maher tests POSITIVE for Covid19 – Was FULLY Vaccinated

Bill Maher, 65, was forced to cancel Friday’s episode of Real Time after he tested positive for Covid-19 during a weekly nasal swab test. He is currently asymptomatic and is fully vaccinated.

  • Bill Maher, 65, tested positive for Covid-19 during a regular nasal swab test for his HBO series Real Time With Bill Maher
  • An HBO spokesperson announced that Friday night’s episode had been canceled in response to the test
  • Maher is already fully vaccinated against the virus, and so far he appears to be asymptomatic
  • HBO says that no other crew or staff members have tested positive so far
  • In April, the comedian suggested coronavirus regulations are overblown and said scientists have adopted a ‘scared-straight approach

Yes, one knows that the vaccines are not 100% effective. However, one does wonder just how effective the vaccines are – not just in company tests, but in real life. Something to be monitored.

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