COVID Passports? No Way

For months, I’ve been reading about COVID passports, possibly for airplane and cruise travel, attendance at professional and college sports, and so on. At first, I thought, possibly this makes sense. After all, one infected person among a bunch of people could lead to severe repercussions.

Then, like a thunderbolt, a definitive answer emerged. It came from Bloomfield (CT) High School fellow classmate, Tony Evans, known for his astute political and common sense observations.

Clarity Happens

In one succinct passage, in social media shorthand, Tony uncorked a gem that everyone ought to heed. He said, “It’s a little too much. ‘Your papers please.’ The federal government collects too much info on all of us already. Should we carry HIV passports, a disease that has killed over 35 million people?”

“Did anyone suggest polio passports 60 years ago, or measles passports? They’ll be testing for drugs or alcohol use next. Or, we’ll have to pass some genetic tests to see if it’s appropriate to reproduce. The more power you give government, the more they abuse it. That’s the nature of the beast.”

Tony acknowledges the short and slippery slope between requesting people carry a health passport, and having the U.S. government, especially under Biden and his puppet masters, adopt Nazi-like posture, such as surrendering ‘your papers’ for everyday activities and travel of any kind.

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