If DeSantis Makes The 2024 Ticket, Looking Back This Was The Defining Moment (Video) – Trump-DeSantis 2024?


How sweet was that?

Governor Ron DeSantis has exhibited a long string of hitting them out of the park in political confrontations with the gotcha media over the last year. The one above was just sublime.

I am loving me some Governor Ron DeSantis these days. Floridians do too, judging from approval polls floating between 55 – 60%, low unemployment numbers, and effective pandemic outcomes. Do not get me wrong I love my President Donald J. Trump and believe him to be among one of a handful of best presidents to date. His administration’s accomplishments were stunning. But he has some, baked into the cake, personality traits that at times got the best of him when perceived through the eyes of moderates as framed for them by the media.

Trump is not a politician. He has a unique skill set that is impulsive, multi-tasking, delegating, and designed to fix problems or create new solutions. Trump is a get it done kind of man. ” He punches up” remember?

So he does not expend much time or apply the effort to prepare extensively when he enters the arena of media piranhas. Unfortunately, more times than not he fails to effectively counter the extreme bias and propaganda spewed towards him or his movement. The public at large only hears the media narrative crafted to politically hurt him and by extension, the Republican party. And yes, the media did break through with their lies about Trump for those who were less aware or willing to do due diligence on media claims.

Trump is a brilliant man and is knowledgeable in most areas however he does not always deliver articulate, concise, statements with the press or when speaking with other politicians and this allows him to become an easy target. The focus becomes the way he misspoke or context of something rather than the policy or counter-political agenda being discussed.

Both men are charismatic, love their country, and are passionate about the America First Agenda.

In many ways, DeSantis is a younger more versatile version of Trump. No, they are not a carbon copy of one another. DeSantis is a gifted politician and an effective one. He has had a stellar military career, held congressional office, and now serves as Governor to one of our largest and politically significant states in our country. Ron is young and when he reacts it is not off the cuff rather measured and delivers the political blow while not going past the correct political tone required to rob the media from successfully making him the brunt of the joke.

I am not the only one taking notice of Florida’s GOP Rising star. President Trump campaigned for then congressman DeSantis and most likely that act put him in the win column. As Governor of Florida during the COVID crisis, DeSantis has proven his executive chops and Trump is paying close attention.

Fox Business Network, Trump said DeSantis would “certainly” be a consideration for vice president, and called him a “friend” and a “great guy.”

“He’s a friend of mine,” Trump said. “I endorsed Ron, and after I endorsed him, he took off like a rocket ship. He’s done a great job as governor.”

Trump said the idea of a Trump-DeSantis ticket seems to have appeal.

A lot of people like that — you know, I’m just saying what I read and what you read — they love that ticket,” Trump said.

“But certainly, Ron would be considered. He’s a great guy.”

Two more observations:

First, This is not the first time DeSantis has ” slapped down the press” but it might be a defining one if he chooses to make a run on a 2024 ticket. Watch closely after the reporter comes in with the hook “Trump anchor weight ” to the governor and take note of how disrespectful the media was in the room, laughing and making snide remarks as the governor tries to answer. Watch how this skillful politician uses accurate information to silence the room, commanding respect, and then slaying it resulting in a rousing positive response from the crowd gathered. DeSantis’s specific skill set is to read a room and read a room of press beforehand. I mean he anticipates the attack, what angle, and is prepared to light up the unsuspecting left sycophancy disguising themselves as journalists before they can catch their breath. This is the Art of War, “political” war.

DeSantis understands there is no making peace with this enemy( media) and only eviscerating and exposing their bias in such a way will leave them wounded and unable to successfully target him further. This is the missing link for Trump. The governor’s tact obliterates the media-crafted narrative and most watching absorb the political or cultural point the governor is making and has a positive response when doing so. The media come off like vindictive, spiteful fools. Additionally, watch his staff behind him release in cheers as he responds to the reporter -explode almost as if they won a difficult sporting match. DeSantis exhibits leadership traits to the max and the respect and admiration from staff is palpable. This dynamic of both a competent leader and worthy competitor is a win-win when an executive must build a loyal and cohesive effective team.

Second, just how stupid are those on the left these days? Scroll through the Twitter feed of this tweet and you will quickly find out. Sadly, they do not know that the term Ayatollah is a cleric rank and that the name Khomeini is a name to both Iranian Supreme leaders, Ruhollah and the current Ali. Pathetic!

If Trump runs again I am onboard. If Trump chooses DeSantis all the better.

But, if Trump chooses to be the King Maker instead of the one wearing the crown, presently, there is no other Republican candidate out there that can hold a candle to DeSantis as the nominee.

Oh… what a stable of VP candidates DeSantis could choose from.

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Written by Bekah Lyons

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