Comparing COVID Restrictions to the Holocaust – Should We Cancel Marjorie Taylor Greene?

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer released a statement Tuesday saying Greene “should change her rhetoric and behavior if she intends to remain a Member of the House.”

Dems acknowledge the prospect of removing Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress: Majority leader Steny Hoyer calls for GOP to “ask themselves why they would continue to want to associate” with her after she compared COVID restrictions to the Holocaust.

  • Greene compared coronavirus restrictions to the Holocaust during an appearance on a conservative podcast last week.
  • She was immediately blasted by Democrats; Chuck Schumer called her comments “sickening and reprehensible.”
  • On Tuesday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy condemned Greene for her remarks.
  • “Marjorie is wrong, and her intentional decision to compare the horrors of the Holocaust with wearing masks is appalling,” he tweeted.
  • Greene defended her comparison, writing on Twitter Tuesday: “I never compared it to the Holocaust, only the discrimination against Jews in early Nazi years.”
  • She also hit back sharing a tweet that called McCarthy a “feckless c**t.”

Right Wire Report:

In general, making comparisons of troubling situations to the Holocaust and Nazis, may not be a good idea. Many would deem this kind of language as diminishing the horror of the Holocaust itself. For example, how many times in our professional lives we have heard, “my boss is like a Nazi or Hitler.” Really? I think not. The fact that Marjorie Taylor Greene being Jewish herself should not matter.

Much of our political dialogue seems to go hyperbolic when a political point wants to be made. If we would cancel Marjorie we need to cancel a lot of other politicians as well? Note these headlines:

  • Top House Democrats compare Trump’s rise to Hitler’s – click here.

Concerning the specifics – what about the idea of government forcing or coercing government regulations and mandates for covid-19? What have been the effects of mask mandates, lockdowns, and potential vaccine passports have had on society? The full story has not been fully understood – who knows what these government actions will do in the end.

  • A dramatic decline in the global economy.
  • An extreme loss of civil liberties.
  • Effected the democratic process in our elections.
  • Specific actions of the government have had an effect on your personal health and well-being.
  • Data points to an Increase in suicides, addiction, and mental health decline.

This is a little more than calling your boss a Hitler. Marjorie’s concerns, though certainly not yet a comparison to the Holocaust, if allowed to continue one does have to wonder.

Representative Greene responded to the criticism:

“I never compared it to the Holocaust, only the discrimination against Jews in early Nazi years,’ Greene tweeted. 

‘Stop feeding into the left wing media attacks on me,’ she added. ‘Everyone should be concerned about the squads support for terrorists and discrimination against unvaxxed people. Why aren’t they?”

What has been the response of Marjorie’s political party? House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy basically threw Marjorie under the bus and ran scared of the goons of the “Cancel Culture” mobs.

Marjorie’s concerns echo many of the concerns of the people she represents. With friends like this, who needs enemies? When will the GOP grow a spine?

Editors Note:

The case can be made that MTG was making a valid point about the way politicizing COVID vaccinations has created two classes of people, vaxxed-vs-non- vaxxed. Comparing the current pressure by the government to get vaccinated with vaccination passports to the pre-Nazi era where German Jews were made out to be second-class citizens who must wear yellow stars is not an attack on the Jewish people are mocking the atrocities of the Holocaust.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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