New Pfizer Study: Four fifths of All Vaccinated Children Aged 12 and Over Complain of Side Effects

Pfizer/BioNTech published a study on the safety and use of their vaccine last Wednesday. It refers to the current status of the vaccination studies in the context of emergency approval. 

The US health authority CDC has confirmed that children and adolescents develop Covid-19 in an extremely mild manner, if at all. Also, children and adolescents from the age of 12 cannot make the decision about an injection alone. Despite this, children are being targeted. The study showed that up to 80 percent of children develop side effects that can lead to severe trauma.


They are absolutely targeting children with these “vaccines” that are not vaccines at all, but gene therapy, and don’t have FDA approval, but emergency authorization. To make emergency authorization possible, they had to remove hydroxychloroquine as a viable treatment and did this by publishing falsified data at a major medical journal, wrongly stating that hydroxychloroquine may have hurt people at a hospital. 

These were fictional patients and they made the entire study up. If they hadn’t and there was an effective cure for hydroxychloroquine, emergency authorization would not have been allowable. 

Hydroxychloroquine has been widely used at hospitals both in America and around the world for a long time. The sudden claim that it is unsafe is preposterous, and in my non-medical opinion, it’s malpractice. The VAERS numbers for deaths and hospitalizations are off the charts and they’re being buried but the people who are supposed to study them. The same thing appears to be happening in Europe.

The justification that Covid is running rampant is also a lie, constructed by falsifying PCR tests by amplifying the samples too much, and these tests were never approved for diagnosis in the first place. The death counts for Covid have been forged in a myriad of ways that have been well-discussed everywhere but the mainstream. Why is that?

Everything about this pandemic is a lie. Where are the law enforcement agencies, where are the “17 intelligence agencies” that spent 4 years trying to frame our president for crimes?

Senator Rand Paul can’t do this by himself.


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