Institutional Racism Aimed At Caucasians Paid For By Your Tax Dollars

Your tax dollar is funding Lockheed Martin to the tune of 37 billion dollars per year, 70% of their 53 billion dollars annual revenue. Part of that money is paying for diversity training that instructs Lockheed Martin employees that they’re bad because they possess white skin. The phrase institutional racism applies to organizations who engage in assigning negative attributes toward a group of people because of their skin color, and Lockheed Martin is certainly guilty of it. This disgusting behavior of companies, schools, and myriad other organizations that demonize Caucasians is the stuff of Jim Crow and the KKK and should be regarded as such. You may read more about such a program called Allyship here.



The diversity consulting firm named, White Men As Full Diversity Partners, says white males must “work hard to understand” their “white privilege,” “male privilege,” and “heterosexual privilege,” which affords them unearned benefits. The training puts forth a list of traits associated with white male culture that they find objectionable. Here are some of them:

  • “rugged individualism”
  • “a can-do attitude ”
  • “hard work”
  • “operating from principles”
  • “striving towards success”

The training deems these characteristics of white males “devastating” to women and minorities.

It is unimaginable that these traits, most of which are practiced by successful people of many races and cultures worldwide, could be labeled as “white.” It’s mental illness to suggest that a “can-do-attitude” is white and therefore bad and what’s worse, your tax dollar is paying for this garbage to be forced on people. I don’t know about you, but when I’m told that “operating from a set of principals” is bad, my first thought is that the person telling me this favors operating from a lack of principals and should be avoided at all costs.

According to these intellectual giants, we should not be “striving toward success” but aspiring to something less like mediocrity or failure. Is this the kind of message American companies want to be conveyed to their employees? If it is, then the future of the country is quite bleak.

The training finishes by asking participants to read statements from fictitious racial minorities and women. Here are a few of the choice ones:

  • “I’m tired of people disparaging our campaigns (like Black Lives Matter)”
  • “I’m tired of Black boys/girls being murdered”
  • “I’m tired of people thinking they’re smarter and more qualified than me”
  • I’m tired of hearing about how we need a wall at the southern borders but not on the northern borders”
  • “I’m tired of the desire or comment to remove race—the concept that we should be ‘colorblind.’”

So, what do we infer from this silliness?  BLM is above reproach and shouldn’t be criticized no matter what they do. They ask you to forget the burning buildings, people beaten in the street, and thousands of businesses shuttered because of their violent activities. Nothing to see there, so shut your mouth. These fictitious characters are tired of black boys/girls being murdered but aren’t tired of the black-on-black crime that is the overwhelming reason for it. When the imaginary character say they’re tired of southern border security, they are unaware that racial minorities are more negatively impacted than any other group by undocumented people coming in through that route. And finally, we get to the worst desire of the fictitious characters; they are opposed to the idea that we should be colorblind.  That statement is reminiscent of every racially hateful group on the planet.

The Woke-Police are on the beat and have infiltrated our schools and corporations to spread their putrid message of division. Far-left Marxism and Critical Race Theory, form the bat that these Maoist monsters are using to beat people into submission and apologize for the crime of being born white. They are racializing every aspect of society now. This ” woke culture ”  bludgeoning us all is beginning to resemble a new iteration of Jim Crow.

God help us all.


 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Liam Salvatore

Liam Salvatore writes at the Right Wire Report. Contact him at


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  1. I still have the same question every time I read about this subject- where are the employees with self respect? Yes , people often take c–p so they keep a pay check, but this is too much. I would get up and walk out then go straight to HR file a complaint and if my company retaliated I would get a lawyer and sue. If enough Americans started reacting this way to the absurd racism and abuse there may be a real change.

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