Universities Increase Anti-White Measures

Beloit College in Wisconsin is yet another example of how academia has chosen with great zeal to follow the edicts of the KKK by excluding students based on the color of their skin.  How is it that in 2021 we can be witnessing such overt racism being practiced without public outcry?  The college and its indoctrinated students are wrapping themselves in the flag of “anti-racism” while excluding white students based on the color of their skin.  We have a word for this, institutional racism.

Jada Daniel, Beloit’s Black Student Union president, applauded the School’s move to turn the campus coffee shop into a blacks-only space. She is quoted on the School’s website saying: “We hope to create a safe space for Black and Brown students, where we have a comfortable place to study.” In addition, the Black Student Union plans to host an assortment of black-only activities.

In 2019, The National Association of Scholars (NAS) issued a report titled Neo Segregation as Yale.  Within this report is part of a much larger project titled, Separate but Equal, Again: Neo-Segregation in American Higher Education. This project reveals the sad reality that neo-segregation has infected 173 colleges and universities across the country, and that number has only grown since the release of that report. The report’s authors studied 173 public and private schools, pulling from all 50 states. They found that 43 percent of the schools had residential segregation, 46 percent had segregated orientation programs, and 72 percent had segregated graduation ceremonies.  The report states, “The most readily apparent harm from such segregation is that it fosters a sense of insecurity. The members of the segregated group are taught to fear other groups, especially white students.”

The voluntary measures implemented by a combination of school faculty and student associations hearken back to the days of Jim Crow. Yet, the media and democrat party demonize anybody who speaks out against this outrage, so parents and most students remain silent to avoid being called racists. What a horrible irony.

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Written by Liam Salvatore

Liam Salvatore writes at the Right Wire Report. Contact him at blueday@rightwirereport.com.


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  1. Americans must start standing up( lawfully and peacefully) in larger groups all across this country and demand this lunacy come to an end. This full frontal anti -white racism is a sickness that is like an angry boil about to burst all over ALL of us. Perhaps too graphic but what is it you try to avoid when a boil busts? Contamination and spread of toxic infection right…
    Well, soon someone ,or many will choose to squeeze this and bring it all to a head. May the good lord above find a way to influence hearts and minds down here to head that off at the pass-before tragedy unfolds.

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