The Jan.6 Narrative is a Lie: Why the Lie? A Nation Cannot Stand When the Majority Believes What is Not True.

“ released their outstanding documentary on the Jan. 6 Protest and March in Washington DC. The film combines numerous clips including video of: 

The film combines numerous clips including video of:

** The unprepared and understaffed Capitol Police.
** Four skinny police officers blocking a march of over 100,000 patriots from passing through their bike rack barrier on way to the US Capitol.
** Open doors and open hallways inside the US Capitol.
** Police firing gas canisters and sound grenades on the massive Trump crowd without warning.
** Music blaring from cars set up to agitate the protesters.
** Capitol Police pushing a Trump supporter off of a two-story wall — Severely injuring him.”

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Right Wire Report:

No Matter what side of the political spectrum you find yourself on presently as an American you should feel obligated to seek the truth about the events on Jan 6th.

The narrative the media, the democrats, Big Tech oligarchs, and the “never Trumpers”, have been selling is not all the facts. It should be clear at this date the above-listed cabal have even manufactured, staged, omitted, and staged facts to fit their narrative.

In no way are we stating there was not one person who claimed to support Trump who did not make bad decisions that day. But those who would fall into that category were few and were not the significantly violent actors we know existed in the crowd. Any person who broke the law by force and violence should be held accountable for their actions, but fairly with due process and non – political justice applied.

This video confirms what many others out there have done as well:

  • Bad Actors: persons were intending to infiltrate the Trump Rally attendees who were exercising their constitutional rights to peacefully redress their government.
  • These individuals make up many factions of instigators that span Antifa, BLM, Militia groups, Black bloc, etc. And this was pre-planned and staged at the US Capitol to begin before Trump ended his speech.
  • Those factions wore Trump clothing and blended in the crowd to instigate violence and were the ones wearing full body protection and helmets. This is the same tactic used by the black bloc in previous protests that turned violent across the country most recently.
  • Those factions had bats and other weapons and physically broke glass and doorways, and attacked police lines. Many rally-goers attempted to stop these acts and even begged police to step in to stop them.
  • Sadly, there was some level of coordination between these factions and some of the capitol police that day and this happened in advance. This is now evident.We can no longer assume that all persons appearing to be capitol police were and there is a high degree of the possibility some other authorities within our government control were embedded. Stand down and agitation and aggression from these “law enforcement persons” were simultaneously in play.
  • The true nature and official statements about all that died at the US Capitol that day are in question. The above video sheds new facts but does not conclusively prove that police killed all who perished. America does deserve fair and accurate reporting on each of those lives lost.

If Americans capitulate and accept the false narrative that hundred of thousands of Trump supporters “stormed” the US Capitol in an armed insurrection to overthrow the government- then there is no republic going forward.

Those selling this narrative or the same who sold the false Russian collusion hoax, Systemic racism hoax, Police hunt black people hoax, Charlottesville fine people hoax, Zero election integrity issue hoax, Wuhan lab virus origin cover-up, and so much more.

A nation cannot stand when the majority of the population believes what is not true.

Demand a full and transparent accounting now.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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