US Troops in UK Cheer President Biden At Start of G7 European Trip Where He Will Meet Putin In Geneva

  • Joe Biden had tough talk for Vladimir Putin when he addressed US troops at RAF Mildenhall in the UK 
  • ‘I’m meeting with Mr. Putin to let him know what I want him to know,’ Biden said to huge cheers 
  • The commander-in-chief also told the crowd global warming was the ‘biggest threat’ to America 
  • He teared up as he thanked military personnel the Royal Air Force Mildenhall for their service and mentioned his late son Beau, an Army major  
  • Jill said ‘Joe pay attention’ as he looked around the room when she started her speech to the troops   
  • President is scheduled to meet British premier Boris Johnson for face-to-face talks for first time Thursday
  • They will set up a new ‘Atlantic Charter’ to reaffirm the links between the US and the UK
  • The pair will also look to open up a travel corridor ‘as soon as possible’ and restart international flights  
  • Biden announced the trip is about ‘realising America’s renewed commitment to our allies and partners’
  • Both Bidens will meet with The Queen on Sunday at Windsor Castle .


Joe Biden had tough talk for Vladimir Putin when he addressed US troops stationed in the United Kingdom of Wednesday night.

Speaking at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk he said: ‘I’m meeting with Mr. Putin to let him know what I want him to know,’ drawing cheers from the Air Force personnel.

He also told the crowd of American troops that ‘global warming’ is the biggest threat to the US, teared up as he paid tribute to his late veteran son Beau and boasted that ‘America is back’.

At the start of his speech he told the standing troops to sit by saying ‘at ease’, then said: ‘I keep forgetting I am president’.

It marked the start of his first foreign trip as president; eight days in Europe where he will meet Boris Johnson and his new wife Carrie, the rest of the G7 leaders, The Queen, NATO officials and, finally, Putin on June 16 in Geneva.

When he meets Prime Minister Johnson on Thursday, he is set to set up a new ‘Atlantic Charter’ modelled on the post-Second World War pact made by FDR and Winston Churchill and will work to open up travel between the US and UK ‘as soon as possible’.

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  1. I went through a few of these when I was in the military, so trust me, those troops are there at the event because they are ordered to attend. If you left it up to the troops themselves, not many would show up.

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