Policy Changes Thru Confrontation?

When’s the last time confrontation was an effective policy changer? Vietnam War protests? Race protests of the ’60s? I suppose it’s fair to say that confrontation works if you chose rioting, looting and occupying city blocks instead of policy debate. But who from the Republican/Conservative platforms will “take to the streets”?

I’m told the only effective way to stop the left’s outrageous social engineering is to “stand up and be loud” about it. “Get in their faces” is what I was advised. Sure, that’s worked so well for us over the last 20 yrs, hasn’t it?

I say… just shut up. I believe that’s key to obliterating the left’s advancements. Stop “getting in their faces” on tv, radio, and print. Focus your attention and efforts directly on actual policymakers instead of wasting energy and thought on “middlemen” in public confrontations.

The left has very little to say unless you give them something to say. There’s no question that we are verbally our own worst enemies. Every time we “get in their faces” over something, anything, no matter how trivial, the left and their media lackeys are provided quotable words from the right that they will “fold, bend, spindle, and mutilate” to fit their agenda of discrediting, canceling and shaming.

Quit trying to grab your 15 minutes of media fame. Quit attempting to debate and “shout down” your favorite lefty group opponent. You can’t. It doesn’t work. They have no shame. No one on the left hears you…let alone pays you any attention. All you can expect from such a confrontation is that your words and facts will be twisted and then used as ammunition against you.

Skip the middleman. Quietly arrive en masse by virtue of email, mail, phone, or in-person at whichever policy maker’s office is responsible for your particular issue. “Group-up” in whatever way necessary to prioritize your few topics and targets for the month.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not in a particular Senator or Congressman’s state or district. Hammer their public access devices anyway. Let’s face it, and they see themselves as “national” leaders more so than state or local leaders.

Borders apparently don’t matter to them, so we should not allow borders to stop us.

It’s only fair, after all.

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  1. This article confuses me entirely. On one hand, you identify confrontation as working but associate looting and riots with the concept of confrontation. Then later on in the article, you advocate for” Group – up ” Americans en mass gathering to “Hammer” policymakers. It seems to me that large, organized groups of citizens calling, emailing, or showing up in person at policymaker’s offices is by definition -confronting them. I think you hear “speak up loud and get into faces” as a call to riot or loot? When it is the same thing you end up advocating for in your article. I also reject the notion that “The left has very little to say unless you give them something to say” theory. All the left has been saying about borders, immigration, transgender, LGBTQ, BLM, defund Police, Critical Race Theory, Middle East Conflict, Taxes, Jan. 6 riots and the rest originate with their narrative, not ours that oppose those agendas. Or they only say something as some adjunct to some criticism we give, after all, how do you critique what has not yet been set forth as a narrative? The left is organized, loud, and Can be SEEN en mass, and no, not always with riots. The most successful movements which in tandem with complicit media then pressuring lawmakers to devise legislation over the issues have been BLM, CRT, and LGBTQ. I do not believe for one minute without large and visible marches and gatherings to protest ( not riot) along with flooding the zone of cable news, print, and radio with mouthpieces to drive their agenda through our culture like a stake in the heart- we would now have gay marriage, anti-white race training( CRT) in federal, military, and employer settings, schools, or destructive LGQTB indoctrination of our youth – IF we had stood up, been loud, lawful, redress and pressure policymakers and organized against those agendas as the left does. I also find it offensive to think those Americans wishing to push back loudly against these Marxist agendas/policies actively transforming our country into a destructive third world want a be -are those seeking 15 min. of fame. If those brave Americans were not loud and present at school board meetings right now there would be no lawmakers feeling pressure at the local /state /fed level to address concerns. The same goes with Jan. 6 and all those who met after in large groups to review voter irregularities, those who went on the cable and other platforms they could be heard to yell from the rooftops we have a problem here – for not them there would be no real audits now happening. Respectfully, you make a mistake to associate patriots being vocal and seen peacefully redressing, to rioting, looting, and those engaged in useless confrontation. The concept we should not engage back is why we are in the mess we find ourselves presently. Oh , and “take to the streets” as in redress by peaceful protest is what the Declaration of Independence /US Constitution design and defend our rights to do so.

  2. It seems as if the author is trying to advocate for more conservative targeted and organized opposition. It is good that at least we are moving in the same direction – the tactics may be of debate. But great, let’s get conservatives activated and move forward with actions!

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