Hunter Biden a Wonderful Artist OR Another Channel for Chinese Money?

President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden has a new career as an artist. And it may be on the verge of becoming a very lucrative one.

Artnet reports today that the George Bergès Gallery in Soho will mount a solo exhibition of Biden’s art in the fall. According to George Bergès, Biden’s art dealer, prices for a Biden original will start at $75,000 and go up to $500,000 for larger paintings. Although he’s been making art since he was a child, Biden has not had any formal training.

Hunter Biden is on the move. The lawyer, former lobbyist, and son of U.S. President Joe Biden has left his $5.4 million rental in Venice Beach, California, for a quieter Los Angeles neighborhood up the coast.

Today, “it’s not a tool that I use to be able to, in any way, cope,” Biden said. “It comes from a much deeper place. If you stand in front of a Rothko, the things that he evokes go far beyond the pain that Rothko was experiencing in his personal life at that moment.”

Biden, who is drawn to abstracted figurative forms, is influenced by the pattern-based work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. He also loves artists Yayoi Kusama, Sean Scully, Mark Bradford, and David Hockney.

Check out some of Hunter’s work.

Hunter Biden Art

In this piece, Hunter is trying to show his business modus operandi. The circles represent money coming into his center, only to be swallowed and lost.

Hunter Biden Art

Now the above piece is quite interesting. It looks like the US Constitution is the writing in the background, with twisting arms around it to distort it. Is this emblematic of the Biden administration?

Hunter Biden Art

The interpretation of the above painting is quite easy. It is reminiscent of the coronavirus growing across the world.

Hunter Biden Art

The above piece perhaps was done when Hunter was on one of his hallucinogenic drug experiences.

Far be it for the Right Wire Report be the judge on art. But one does have to ask – is Hunter Biden just a fantastic artist that needed little training … or … it pays to be the President’s son? To get access to the Biden family, it would make sense to buy one of his pieces and display your allegiance where one can gain government favor. But Biden didn’t have any oil experience and he was a great oil consultant for Burisma. Why can he not do the same for the art world?

Just who are these folks helping Hunter in his new career?  George Bergès Gallery ran by George Bergès, is a dealer who has strong ties to China, according to the New York Post. Prosecutors are still probing Hunter’s taxes and international business dealings as he continues to hold his 10 percent stake in Chinese investment firm BHR Partners, a private-equity firm with $2 billion in assets.

Is this just another channel to funnel Chinese money to Hunter and the Biden family?

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    • I never run down another artist as I have been an artist all my life have studied under some of the top artists but the only reason he can this kind of money is because of his name not the quality

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