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Will Biden Force Military Personnel That Refuse Covid Vaccine to a Mandatory Requirement?

The Department of Defense said that it plans to start the vaccination process by distributing 43,875 doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, which is expected to be granted emergency use authorization by the Food & Drug Administration, as part of a “controlled pilot” program.

Vaccines will be distributed at 13 locations in the US and three additional locations in South Korea, Germany, and Japan.

The first US military and civilian personnel to receive the vaccine will be health care providers and support personnel, as well as emergency services and public safety personnel. The vaccine will then be delivered to individuals involved in critical national capabilities and personnel preparing to deploy outside the continental US and other critical staff.

The vaccine will then be distributed to high-risk beneficiaries and, finally, the remainder of the Defense Department population. By that point in the process, the supply should be sufficient to standardize the vaccination process such that it resembles the annual flu shots.

“This is standard practice for an EUA. It is voluntary,” said Thomas McCaffery, the assistant secretary of defense for health affairs. “It is going to be voluntary for our forces.”

Defense officials said that vaccinations will be voluntary initially. But will it always be? The Uniform Code of Military Justice says they can.

See another take on this subject below. It is alleged that the Biden administration may already be forcing vaccines with draconian results – lockups. See this shocking video alleged evidence below.

The latest update on this issue can be read here.

Speaking at a Facebook townhall eventChief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. John Nowell noted that the vaccine remains voluntary for now because of its emergency-use status.

But when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration fully approves the vaccines, the Navy will likely make it mandatory, like the flu jab, Nowell said this week, echoing what other admirals have said in recent months.

“When it’s formally approved, which we expect pretty soon, we’ll probably go to that,” he told a sailor who asked about COVID vaccinations and differing sailor opinions on getting the jabs.

“That question will be moot,” Nowell added.

Here is an article about the forced Anthrax vaccines which started in the late nineties. Military who refused that vaccine paid a heavy price.

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