Seattle Pride Event to Charge WHITE People $50 Reparations Fee

Seattle Pride to make white people pay $50 reparations fee: City’s human rights officials shame LGBT activists for complaining charge is ‘reverse racism’ and reveal their phone number in public response

  • The event is sponsored by the Trans Women of Color Solidarity Network and is separate from events hosted by Seattle Pride
  • Organizers said proceeds from the fee will be used to keep the event free for trans people of color
  • Philip Lipson and Charlette LeFevre, who organize another event called Capitol Hill Pride, claimed the fee constituted ‘reverse discrimination
  • The Seattle Human Rights Commission hit back at that complaint, accusing Lipson and LeFevre of causing ‘harm’
  • It shared Lipson and LeFevre’s original complaint – complete with their phone number unobscured – in an apparent attempt to shame them

A pair of LGBT pride organizers were publicly shamed by Seattle officials after complaining that an event seeking to charge white people $50 ‘reparations’ to attend was reverse racism.

Philip Lipson and Charlette LeFevre were slammed and publicly shamed by Seattle’s Human Rights Commission which shared their complaint, complete with their unobscured phone number, as well as the Commission’s response on Twitter.

Here is the documentation from the group:

Seattle Pride

The event which triggered the complaint, Taking Black Pride, is free, but organizers have told ‘white allies and accomplices’ they ‘will be charged a $10 to $50 reparations fee that will be used to keep this event free of cost for Black and brown trans and queer community.’

A steady flow of this kind of behavior unchecked will eventually create an even greater backlash in time. If you discriminate against any group for any reason, it will surely return in kind. It is an unfortunate cycle of hate. This will not end well.

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  1. This is the definition of racist behavior. This is promoting and encouraging people to behave as racists against certain identified groups. I agree – this will not end well.

  2. I think our country has gone bat crap crazy. It would be a cold day in *&%# before I would ever pay a Reparations Fee! I owe no one nothing not one red cent because of the color of my skin!

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