Biden Gives Rationale For Why Americans Have the 2A: Ends Up Admitting Jan. 6 Was NOT An Insurrection After All – Real Insurrectionists Get A Pass!

During a press conference announcing his new gun crime prevention efforts, President Joe Biden said the Second Amendment has always had limitations. Those who think they need weapons to overthrow a tyrannical government would need F-15 fighter jets and nuclear weapons.

Biden said, “If you wanted or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons. See his comments in the featured video.

Is Joe Biden Admitting that January 6th was NOT an Insurrection at All?

Biden’s comments were in reference to why we have the Second Amendment. However, in this brief moment of truth, he also says how ludicrous the idea of a January 6th insurrection narrative is.

To believe a January 6th insurrection narrative, one would need a plausible way that any violent disruption would result in a change in government or government policy. Even if you believe that this was the goal of the participants on January 6th – it had NO chance of being successful. At best, a delay in the inevitable election certification vote. As Joe suggests, to really make a change, we would have needed F-15 fighter jets and nuclear weapons.

The real insurrection has been waged by the Marxist (radical left) Black Lives Matter and Antifa mobs that have been burning, looting, and ravaging our cities for more than a year with impunity. Those who balk at any comparison made between calling the Jan. 6th riot and insurrection vs.The Summer of rage should perform a reality check:

  • Did the rioters set up an autonomous zone around the US Capitol for months?
  • Did the rioters set fire to the US Capitol? Any buildings? Perhaps a federal courthouse, police station, or church? Firebombing Federal buildings?
  • Did spokespeople for the rioters give a speech or produce a document declaring their independence from the United States of America?
  • Did the rioters hold hostage the Capitol and occupants for days or weeks until a list of their demands were met?
  • Did the rioters kill anyone? take anyone hostage? Or severely injure?
  • Did the rioters force the  President of the United States, family , and executive branch members into the Bunker for safety like BLM/Antifa protests  had previously?
  • Did the rioters loot businesses and destroy 2 billion in property damage?

The summer of Rage BLM/Antifa gang did all of the above and more for months and still ongoing. Juxtaposing the US Capitol riot with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests we have seen one thing become evident. The BLM/Antifa protests have been a highly organized, successful, political movement that has proven a plausible way to change government and government policy. Granted, Joey, they may not be in possession of F-15 fighter jets and nuclear weapons, at least not that we know of, yet they have seized political and cultural control.

So how has the BLM violent disruption change government and government policy (i.e., an insurrection)?

  • The goals of BLM were; defunding police, abolishing prisons, reparations for victims of police brutality, CRT indoctrination, and retrials of people of color imprisoned for violent crimes, the release of incarcerated offenders, and redefining gender and the nucleus family. Sowing chaos and changing the political narrative has worked – see here, here, and here the results. The BLM/Antifa protests and movement changed government policy via intimidation of violence and disruptive violence.
  • BLM was the prime funding source for the Democrats via ActBlue – funding the BLM insurrection.
  • The BLM violence was blamed on Trump and Trump supporters to gaslight voters to vote for Democrats – a change in government.

As the country continues to get gaslighted about Trump and his supporters’ so-called January 6th insurrection, the real insurrectionists get a pass.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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