A Brady Bunch Drag Queen Makeover: Why? Ignore the Agenda at Your Own Peril.

Right Wire Report commentary follows:

Hollywood is putting more drag in the lives of Americans by re-imagining classic TV shows like The “Brady Bunch” as drag queen comedies.

Paramount+ is set to stream the comedy special Dragging the Classics: The Brady Bunch starting Wednesday in what is expected to be the first in a planned series that will re-visit classic sitcoms with casts of vamping drag queens, according to a report in Variety.



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Right Wire Report

Seriously, if you as an American are still in deep denial about the agenda afoot we are all doomed to succumb to this decaying culture. No, there is nothing homophobic about pointing out the depth of indoctrination going on here. This is not co-existing this is forced assimilation or be labeled a hateful bigot. This is aimed at the youth for a reason. This is the Cultural Marxist destabilization of our way of life so a new culture takes hold.

Care to ask yourself where you would ever fit into the “new culture?” You will not and that is the point.

This is the bigger agenda to silence, censor, and exile those who will not be re-educated. There is less than 3% of our population that falls into the multiple buckets of alternative lifestyles but they flood the zone to appear as if they are the majority. This in-your-face constantly is also a show of power and control proving they set the norms and you have no say.

Why? Why do the rest of us allow this to continue? Why do we enable it? They do not want different lifestyles to live side by side in harmony. The agenda is only lifestyles with no limits, no core morality, anything goes, complete narcissist behaviors. Normalizing the word we get censored for that starts with a P and involves little kids and adults is next. Mark my word.

Watch the video in this article to understand more about Cultural Marxism and its agenda.

This is Why You Are Losing Your Republic: The Roots Of Evil-The Frankfurt School’s Design to Destroy American Culture and Replace it With Cultural Marxism.


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  1. The left has been at this a long time. From 1918 on they take a foot then the next time they take a yard, Incremental. The feel good 50,s don,t feel so good right now. So now we are at where we are at. this nation is going down and i I lived a nice life under freedom, let them have it i say. Semper Fi America. I am glad i won,t be here to see.

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