Robin DiAngelo’s New Book Flops Yet Makes the NYT’s Best Seller List? Take A Look At The Buyer Profile-Satire

Daily Wire:

Robin DiAngelo’s new book sold fewer than 3,500 copies in its first week, suggesting that people are tired of the sort of racial lectures that sold one million copies of her earlier “White Privilege.”

Yet The New York Times placed it on its new “Best Sellers” list, which the week prior entirely omitted Daily Wire host Michael Knowles’ book on censorship, “Speechless,” despite selling 18,000 copies in a week.

DiAngelo’s newest work, released June 29, is called “Nice Racism: How Progressive White People Perpetuate Racial Harm.” As of Thursday night, it was ranked #2,288 among all books on Amazon, where it had only 13 reviews — many of them sarcastic.

Now, that is good news for us all. I didn’t expect Robin DiAngelo’s readers to have any sense of humor. Glad I was wrong about that.

Of Course I did expect the NYT to prop of her paltry sales by designating her Pablum on the “Best Sellers list” – and any expectation that the NYT would fairly evaluate the sales of a conservative writer was dashed years ago.

For a person who made her name selling made-up bull crap to a bunch of virtue signaling white millionaires, I don’t think Robin DiAngelo understands much about the bookselling business. When you are buying a book of recipes to make using synthetic beef, you expect at least a foreword mentioning what a nice person you are for taking time to save the planet. You don’t expect the book to call you are a rich snob that needs a new hobby, preferably volunteering at a local homeless shelter.

Similarly, if you are a Bay Area liberal who hasn’t met a black person in your neighborhood in 20 years, and would be very concerned if you did, you don’t buy Robin DiAngelo’s book to learn that you are a rich snob that needs a new hobby, preferably volunteering at a local homeless shelter.

The reason you are buying Robin DiAngelo’s book is to get some tips on how to determine if your neighbor who brazenly flew an American flag on the Fourth of July is a hidden member of the KKK. Also, you probably feel out of date with the woke slang the young people are using today on Facebook, and you need a refresher to impress your child’s classmates who get regular updates in their Berkeley classes. 

You would expect Robin DiAngelo’s book to get you up to speed. And instead, Robin DiAngelo is now telling you that you are more racist than the kid next door who does not even have a “no human is illegal” bumper sticker. That is a waste of your money.

You have always thought that you were doing your part of combatting “systemic racism” by lining up pockets of people like Robin DiAngelo. You also religiously watch Don Lemon who tells you not to be concerned about the mass murder of black people in Chicago, because he and Chris Cuomo were just out for a nice dinner, and all the people you met (none of whom were black) didn’t fire a single shot.

And now Robin DiAngelo tells you that your virtue signaling is not good enough. The hell with that b$$ch. On to Ibram X Kendy’s new bestseller, “What to expect when you are expecting: the first signs that your fetus is racist and it’s time to have an abortion.”

 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. I haven’t read and won’t read DiAngelo’s new book but I did read some of the reviewers’ comments at Amazon and the one that struck me as most telling was the one where the reviewer said the book is without empirical evidence. Essentially, it’s DiAngelo’s opinion.

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My first introduction to politics was during the second Israeli intifada in 2002. Unspeakable violence erupted in Israel. Every day dozens of people were killed. Even though I didn’t follow politics, that deeply affected me. I felt sad, frustrated, and powerless. And one night, I happened to stumble on an MSNBC program called “Alan Keyes is making sense.” He was talking passionately about Israel and the violence, and he addressed my feelings very well.  Since that evening, I turned on Alan Keyes every night, and by his commentary he was able to take away some of the frustration and anger that I had. It was like a nightly therapy session.

Feeling intrigued after watching Alan Keyes, I wondered what else MSNBC had in store. I switched through the channels, and low and behold, I found Scarborough Country. Right off, Joe Scarborough wasn’t what he is today at all. He was a solid conservative (as I now understand), making common sense conservative points. I found him interesting and engaging. Opposing liberalism had not entered my mind at that time. I still didn’t know anything about liberalism. It was just the things he said sounded very common sense and worthwhile to me. Imagine that at some point, MSNBC had a conservative host on the air. Crazy times, ha?

Exploring my new political universe, I switched through more channels, and one night I found FOX. O’Reilly Factor was on. From the very first night, I was hooked. I abandoned Scarborough. O’Reilly was not just common sense – he was aggressive, and he was a fighter. He was Scarborough on steroids. He wasn’t just talking – he was taking on what he thought to be wrong and unjust. Ever since the first time, and until untimely end of Bill’s FOX career, I don’t think I ever missed one Factor.

For forming my political views, and my ability to formulate them, I have to give special credit to three people: Charles Krauthammer, Bill O’Reilly, and Greg Guttfeld.  To Charles - philosophy.  To Bill - realistic and pragmatic approach to politics.  To Greg - realization that a good joke will change more minds than a long lecture.

And for everything else, thanks to my family.

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