O, Messiah! Lead Us To The Promised Land

One evening, I attend a seminar that features a local “psychic.” Allegedly, she can tell audience members about departed loved ones. Naturally, I am skeptical. For 30 minutes, she’s fishing. She’ll say to somebody, “You lost someone within the last few years, haven’t you?” In a room of 45 to 75-year-olds, this is not a hard call.

She tells one married couple, “You have boys, don’t you?” The couple nod in agreement. Okay, after nearly 32 minutes the “psychic” finally has cited something that is case-specific.

As she makes her pronouncements, a camera crew focuses on those parties with whom she engages in dialogue. The next day, she can selectively edit the video footage to show off her “amazing” “psychic” ability.

I’m not saying the woman is a con artist, like a Nancy Pelosi or a Chuck Schumer. However, con artists have perfected their craft.

Consider someone who touts forecasting capabilities. From a targeted list that he bought, the “forecaster” mails to 4000 stock market investors. To 2000 recipients he predicts a particular stock will increase in value by the close of the market on a selected date in the near future.

To the other 2000 recipients, he says that this stock will not increase in value. It will decrease or stay the same. Thus, 2000 recipients will receive one communication from this forecaster that proves to be true…

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Posted by Jeff Davidson

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