(Video) NBC’s Dr. Gupta: L.A. County Mask Mandate Isn’t Backed by Science and Helps Contribute to Hesitancy

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “11th Hour,” NBC News Medical Analyst Dr. Vin Gupta argued that while there is a problem with disinformation on coronavirus, there’s also “confusing information” like Los Angeles County reinstating their indoor mask mandate contrary to CDC guidance and without scientific backing, “and I think that’s leading into all the hesitancy that exists.”

Gupta said, “We’re talking about disinformation, Brian, and misinformation, but there’s also just confusing information that exists. And I look at L.A. County, for example, that decided to do an indoor masking mandate. And with all due respect, I understand wanting to err on the side of caution. But when you make a move like that that’s counter to what CDC’s put out there, you have to have science to back it up. And what do they have? They have a 60%-plus one dose vaccination rateTest positivity, 3% or less. It’s actually about 2.5%. Their hospitals are not stressed right now from COVID. The reason I say this is when it comes the fall, winter, we’re going to have regional surges, assuredly, in places that are not vaccinated. The public needs to feel like public health officials are making moves based on the science. I just don’t feel like that exists in L.A. County. There [are] a lot of people saying, well, why are they doing that? Is it a reflex? It’s not based in science. Why? It’s confusing, and I think that’s leading into all the hesitancy that exists.”

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  1. “NBC News Medical Analyst Dr. Vin Gupta argued … there is a problem with disinformation on coronavirus” … does this include renowned experts that disagree with the CDC narrative?

  2. When Gupta said, “with all due respect,” he was signaling that he really didn’t want to say what he said because, after all, Los Angeles is a Democrat-run city and The Left wants us all to believe that all their decision-making is based on science. Dr. Gupta is about to get a behind-closed-doors talking to by NBC executives.

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