Bemoaning the Past, Ignoring Today

The Disuniting of America is a slim book by historian and Kennedy Administration advisor Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. In the book, Schlesinger elaborates on how contemporary “historians” employ various tactics to thwart and subvert the truth in favor of “politically correct” history over actual history.

Informed of the tactics that Schlesinger exposes in his book, one is better prepared to fend off unsubstantiated views. Claims about the Founding Fathers represent a case in point. Some 245 years ago, some of the Founding Fathers owned slaves, as did others citizens. In 2021, around the world, millions of women, children, and men are enslaved in horrible conditions.

The Number is Growing

Authors Becky Allen and Gayle Tzemach Lemmon writing in Fortune magazine, observed, “From the gulags of North Korea to the battlefields of Iraq and Syria and the brothels of Eastern Europe, millions of people are enslaved worldwide.”

“Modern slavery,” the authors stated, “spans every continent and plagues major industries, including cotton, coffee, and mining. Despite feeding off of poor and vulnerable populations, the practice generates a staggering $150 billion for traffickers per year – an average of $3,722 per victim.”

As producers of the Global Slavery Index lament, “Almost every country in the world has laws against modern slavery. But very few governments have sought to hold business to account.”

Skirting the Issue Today

In 2021, otherwise educated people in “progressive” cities such as Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, New York, Boston, San Francisco, and so many other cities go silent when any mention is made of contemporary slavery. Some are more focused on spray painting obscenities and pulling down statues that provide vivid clues – good and bad – to American history.

Concurrently, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency estimates that up to 1,000,000 or more people are sold across international borders each year, and widely held estimates put the number of people in contemporary slavery at 40 million.

As we speak, girls as young as five are trafficked into domestic work in West Africa. Families are forced to work as bonded slaves in South Asia. Women are used as chattel in Europe’s sex industry. Indeed, slavery is shockingly common in the world today: in homes, factories, farms, and brothels.

The most common form is bonded servitude or holding people to pay off debt amounts that are saddled with stratospheric interest rates. The trade is illegal and officially condemned throughout the world. Yet it flourishes, earning perhaps $8 to $10 billion a year for its perpetrators.

We Hear Nothing

Collectively, Great Britain and the U.S. did more to end the worldwide slave trade than all other countries combined, for all time. Yet, town councils and school boards across America, driven by their PC agendas, will hear none of that.

The truth always wins out, even if it takes decades. When our time on earth is up, what side do you want to be on? That of reality or that of political agendas that will be exposed for their distortions?



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